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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jslawncare, Feb 7, 2003.

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    Hey J....

    I know and understand what and where your combing from, however let me interject this thought.

    Would you rather do 20 lawns a week at 1 hour each, for $20.00 each thats, 20 hours of work for $400.00 or 10 lawns a week at 11/2 hour each 40.00. Same amount of money and you collage boy have 10 hours more a week to play.

    What I am trying to tell you is to use your head for something other then a hat rack and get smart, work smarter rather then harder.
  2. jslawncare

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    So should I raise it to 25?

    (seems to be the main issue here)
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    Did Purdue not require you to take an intro to business class? You could easily end up losing money with your plan, you are not taking into account in the slightest your costs. But you don't want to listen so Im not going to try and help you anymore.
  4. jslawncare

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  5. jslawncare

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    These lots are roughly 3000-8000 sq ft

  6. Boy slam the guy and know nothing as usual.

    With that pricing doing small lots like he posted above, he could turn out 2-3-4 of these lots an hour and yeild a $50 to $100 an hour income and that's more than most of you make in 2 hours.

    I don't know what equipment he has, but 2 of these lots an hour he can do rather well.
  7. e-RoK

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    I like the look of the ad. And I think maybe what JS is going for with the college line is a "feel good" about hiring him. I wouldn't mention the price myself, I would base it upon each lawn.
    JS, I like fish. I have had tanks for a few years and really enjoy them. So anyways this guy I know wants me to clean his big old 55 gallon tank. Now keep in mind I don't make a habit of cleaning other peoples tanks. The asked me what I would charge and I said "Well, I'm no professional...." As SOON as I said that he was like "Don't charge professional prices". So my point is when you go out to mow these yards, make sure you present yourself in a professional manner and don't sell yourself short. I didn't go do his tanks because I realized after I made that statement, I was never gonna get what the job was worth. Regardless of how well I would have done it. Never again will I say those words when doing a service for money.
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    Hey man, do whatever you think is right. I know what I have to charge per house, and what makes me money. With no over head I guess you can charge whatever you think is fair. I would say $5-$10 cheaper than the "professional" would sound about right. I would not go any lower than that.
    As far as the post of most of you making $50-$100 in two hours, man I pitty you.
  9. jslawncare

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    Like I said before my business is small and there arent as many factors. I'm a one man business, with 20 accounts already this year, and i know where to spend my money. Its not a complicated business the way I am running it.
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    You just said your going to school out of state. So are you even going to be around all season to take care of these yards?
    People dont like being left high and dry at the end of the season. And most of the time will not use you the next season.
    One season this college kid in one of my subs asked me if Id be willing to take care of his 20 lawns in that sub. I said sure so I finished the last 8 cuts of the season for his customers. The following season he continued cutting but when school time came he hadnt said anything to me about finishing out the season for him nor did I care to cuz I was booked. Sure enough 2nd week of sept. My phone starts ringing off the hook he sent a flier out to all his customers with my ph# on it and some other lcos # since I finished the year before they all kinda knew me and started calling and I told everyone of them that they would have to sign for the following yr. if they wanted us to finish out that season.
    Most were tired of being in that situation and signed with me right away.
    The following season came and he ended up selling his equipment
    It worked great when he was doing these peoples yards and living right there in the sub. but going to out of state collage just wont work.

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