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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bsmith487, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. bsmith487

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    Does anyone here own a Husqvarna Rider 155. If so, do you like it and how does the cut look. What is a down side of it. I am thinking of purchasing one and would like to know some info about them.
  2. saw man

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    from utah
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    it is a nice machine, gives a nice cut.
    This machine is only a mulcher or rear discharge no bagging.
    Dont know if it will handle comm. use. You would be betterr off with a Z.
  3. YardMeister

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    We had one. It was nice to use, and did ok. It did bounce a bit, with the out front deck. I would have liked it more, if it would have had a suspension to settle the bounce. Only problem we had was the steering mech. broke. It was fixed, and then I sold the machine. Neighbor kept trying to talk me out of it, and finally, I sold it to him. I went out and bought a new, larger walk behind.

    The other problem (if you can call it a problem) was that nobody really wanted to work on it. We had one Husk shop in town that would work on it, but really complained when they had to. They didn't like this one model is all. They didn't mind working on the other Husk equipment though.

    Bottom line is... I'd buy one again, and only use it on certain lawns.

    BTW, I mulched with it.

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