What do you think of this name?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mrusk, Oct 22, 2003.

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    thats a good link lost mountain
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    Green Industries sounds like a good name!
  3. mrusk

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    I can't find nothing on the Web about Green Industries of N.J. INC on the web. I even checked all the online Yellow Pages. I know i know i ccan use Green Industries LLC, however i really dont want to unless i find out that company is not a landscape company.

  4. lost mountain

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    Did you search at the New Jersey Secretary of State Website I posted the link to? Otherwise, you're state wants money to show the details on that corporation. The Georgia SOS site is free and gives info on the principals involved in the company, etc.

    They do give the filing number and that's all they'll tell you apparently.

    Name: GREEN INDUSTRIES OF N.J. INC. Filing Number: 0100348182

    Otherwise I can't find any info on these guys either. I did search on "Green" and it pulls up any company in New Jersey with Green in the name.

    Here's a Dun & Bradstreet site that will search nationwide or by state:


    Though it does not pull up Green Industries, Inc. in NJ ! :confused:

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