What do you think of this spray mix?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by colby64473, Apr 12, 2010.

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    This is the program my rep is suggesting. I got my license last fall (I've been mowing for about 15 years) and am only doing about 10 yards this spring. Do you guys think this looks good or not. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm using a 25 gallon sprayer calibrated to .68 gallons per 1000. I can't adjust pressure, so this is about where I am with the sparyer. The label for the strike three ultra says the rate should be between .5 and 5 gallons per acre. I know I'm low on the rate, but from what I've read here, some of you don't apply much more than this. If I spray at this rate, will the fert be enough or will I be wasting my time with one pass. Should I go over it twice?

    Hydrexx .2 oz/M
    Urea 46-0-0 2.1#/M
    Strike Three Ultra .9 oz/M
    Talstar One .33 oz/M
    Six Iron 3.0 oz/M

    Thanks guys

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    Hydrexx and urea is uflexx or umaxx but would it be cheaper to just buy uflexx instead of mixing it? Ya may want to back off the 46-0-0, thats a lot for just a small amount of carrier (water). You may get a burn in the warmer weather. Strike Three Ultra is .73 oz./m minimum. Ya may wanna up the rate a bit. Regular old 24-d amine may do the trick and be a lot cheaper. Six iron is short lived. Talstar only if needed.

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