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What do you think of this trimmer rack design?


LawnSite Senior Member
Newport RI
Is the rack going to have just one pole or 2? I'm going to be building one my self soon.


LawnSite Silver Member
Morgantown, WV
Probably the only way would be if someone happened to carry a piece of 3/4" pipe with them to slide on the end of the tab.Not likely. Looks like a nicely designed rack.


LawnSite Silver Member
Locks and such only keep honest people out of stuff they do not belong in. I say again honest people. If some one wants it bad enough, Fort Knox does not stand a chance.
Take that as you may but that is why we all carry insurance.


LawnSite Senior Member
So. New England
Looks good. A suggestion, make sure you put some type of rubber or something around the area where the trimmers will touching the rack or else it will wear a hole in the trimmer shafts.


LawnSite Silver Member
Of course there will be 2. I am not building these.. I am thinking of buying them. They are $99. Do you think that's a fair price?


Yardley, PA.
I've seen those before on ebay. Haven't used them though, so I can't say for sure how good they are.

I use a set I got from www.precoparts.com. They hold 3 trimmers and cost $69 (actually I paid $99 when I bought them 2 years ago, but now they are sold for $69).
Good racks and dummy proof because you CAN'T forget to secure the trimmer like you can on some racks.

For better pics, look at www.TrimmerTrap.com website, these are the exact same as TrimmerTraps TT-1 model (except these hold 3).