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Don't be so presumptuous. We agreed on a price and I paid it. He did a good job, and I'll be giving him some repeat business.

If you must know, I asked the question because I had a comment from someone else suggesting I should have paid a lot less. Even if that were true, there's nothing I can do about it now.
I don't think it's all that presumptuous. You've been sounding as though you're teetering on the brink of buyer's remorse on both of these threads, so it's a fair concern.

There are so many variables that go into pricing a job, especially one like yours where there's cutting into a slope, removing spoils, and routing water that I don't see how asking here would give you an accurate gauge of appropriate cost. Even on a company by company basis there are differences in overhead, talent and experience, and specialization.

You seem to have a handle on the process, and it sounds like you did your homework up front by getting multiple estimates and actually interviewing candidates and getting a sense of their strengths. There's always someone who'll do a job cheaper, so ignore your friend unless he's the owner of the best landscape company in your area. You'll make yourself nuts if you start refiguring costs after it's all done. Trust me, we bought our house at the top of the market- it still kills me to look at what my neighbors are now paying. It's better to just say "I got what I wanted, it's the right thing for me, and that's what's important."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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