What do you think Wright has up their sleeves?


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Possibly in the market for a new stander. Using Exmark Vantage X with the ECS. I’m getting really bad tendinitis (tennis elbow) from being on the machine.

I’ve heard rumors about an Aerocore2 deck and would like to see the OilGuard system on the ZK.

Speaking of the ZK. I asked the dealer what he thought of the 72” and he said the feedback he’s getting from guys that purchased them is it doesn’t discharge clippings as well as the 61”. Said maybe the deck is too big and by the time it exits the chute it doesn’t do it efficiently.

Then what about the new Exmark coming out? I talked to one of the main Techs and he said that the new Exmark is going to be awesome. Has anyone had any demo time on one? To me they need to design one that’s bullet proof and over built. Fast,fast, fast!

that’s my biggest gripe about these commercial units.

If your running these machines commercially then you’d be able to handle more speed, power.

My Hurricane blower is OK. But it could be great! Give it 10,000 plus CFM and make it FASTER! I honestly don’t give a damn about noise levels. Some of the design elements of that machine sucks too. Change out the hydro oil and it’s a bolt and nut holding the skid plate on instead of bolts threaded into an anchor system. I mean come on. You’ve got to either be a small guy with small forearms or Houdini. Unfortunately I’m neither and to weld on nuts is not feasible.

ok so there’s my rambling rant even though I’m only curious about the new. Not what should be fixed on my frickin 12K blower.

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