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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by surfsk869, Jun 1, 2007.

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    recently got a potential job that is pretty much revamping the majority of mulch beds around this clients house. the beds will take about 6 yds of mulch total. however, the beds are pretty overgrown with weeds and will take some extensive weewhacking/ weedliner installation along with the mulching. also, all of the beds need to be re -edged. they got quoted before and said the other guy charged 150/hr with two ppl and total price came out to be absolutely rediculous. soo, im hoping this price should work. what do u guys think?

    came to the final price of 995$ . this includes labor and supplies.
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    90*6 yards= 540
    non selective herbicide (round up) on beds if possible - 90
    weedwack down - 80
    remainder by hand - ?
    edge $1/ft estimate 200' - 200

    I would go up some on your price if you are putting in the weed fabric. This is without any wood weeds, (established trees, vines) meaning all can be weed wacked down. Price if more if there is extensive flowers of plants and roundup can not be used. Make sure you are licensed and glysophate is a general use pesticide in Massachusetts.

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