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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stewartje, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. stewartje

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    I am a solo operator and have three mowers. I have a 36" Bunton belt drive, a 48" Bunton hydro, and a 61" Great Dane Super Surfer. I cut only part time, but I have just about as much grass that I want to cut. I have a few larger properties, including my own. Most of what I cut is flat properties, some have a pretty good drainage ditch in the front, but not too bad. One property I cut is my own church and I have a section that I need to get a smaller mower through a gate, other than that, it is pretty wide open. I say all that to ask this...

    My Super Surfer has been nickel and diming me as far as maintenance goes. I have found a very reputable dealer in the area that is willing to look at my equipment for a possible trade in. I definitely want to unload my Super Surfer...the 48" Bunton has been my back-up (and been more dependable this year). I am wondering though, would you recommend trading in both the 48" Bunton and the Super Surfer and get a zero-turn? I have my eye on a used Grasshopper 227. It has about 1,000 hours with a 61" cut and a 27 hp Kohler. The dealer tells me that the guy who traded it in was very meticulous on his maintenance of his machines.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. greenred

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    If it was me I would keep the Bunton as a back up mower providing I could afford it. I like the peace of mind of insurance.
  3. stewartje

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    Let me update a new scenario...What about buying a used 61" Grasshopper with a 27hp Kohler motor or a new 61" Bad Boy with a 27hp Kohler motor? (keeping in mind that the used Grasshopper has about 1000 hours and is coming from a dealer vs. the Bad Boy being new but coming from Tractor Supply Company without the dealer support.) The mowers are within $150 of each other.
  4. howardsells2000

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    I think I would go with the new one. To me 1000 hours is a lot of hours even if it was well taken care of. It's like an old car versus a new car. They both could break down but the odds are in your favor with a new one. More than likely your dealer will work on the Bad Boy but he is going to charge you, but you would have to pay to have the Grasshopper worked on. I don't think Tractor Supply is going to take a trade in so you will have to sell your Super Surfer. You will get more money for it that way, which will help make the new one cheaper. I would keep the 36" as a back up.
  5. ashelton

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    I have yet to see a used mower at a dealer that was not "meticulously" cared for. I have never used a Bad Boy, but I have 2 GH that I really like. The problem with the GH is you might be in the same boat as you are in now, getting nickeled and dimed.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    i would go with the new mower if i were you.
  7. IHusky

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    If the Grasshopper was so well taken care of why was it traded in. Thats a lot of hours and if you can get a new Bad Boy for the same price, go with the Bad boy.

    Good luck
  8. exmark 1

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    buy exmark they are offering o% interest for 3 years
  9. greenred

    greenred LawnSite Senior Member
    from IL
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    One thing about the Bad Boy is I think the only sell home owner version of Bad Boy at Tractor Supply. As far as support you might ask them they might have a agreement with a dealer / mechanic in town to provide service. I know that was the case when my dad bought a piece of equipment at Lowe's and needed warranty work done.

    Me personally I would have a hard time investing any significant amount of money in a commercial mower that has a 1000 hours on the clock to be depended on as my main mower. Who knows the kind of abuse its seen over its life. But you may luck out and get it and put a 1000 hours on it with out significant problems.

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