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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by lawnrich, Jan 10, 2013.

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    I've had three slow load times, Rich. Last night, I couldn't get it to fully load. For some reason, the biggest lag is in your logo, but the file size isn't huge, so I'd say it's more of a GoDaddy problem. Now, it just took 37 seconds for the Services page to load.

    When you say "What do you think?", are you interested in detailed feedback or a yea or nay? If the latter, I think you have a good start. I do see a serious font roller coaster from page to page. Be consistent and, if you want to appease the web gods, don't use the Comic Sans font. Ever. lol :)
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    So all the fonts should be the same I thought it gave the pages their own feel or distinction. What page has comic sans I'll change it?
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    That's not really creating a positive, distinctive feel. When I was trying to go through your site, the first thing I noticed was each page's font being larger, smaller, bold, not bold, more condensed, less condensed. That's not what you want a visitor paying attention to.

    In trying to re-find the page with Comic Sans, I couldn't get the site's various pages to load:
    Analysis Error
    The page took too long to load
    GTmetrix tried to analyze your site, but it took longer than 2 minutes to finish loading.
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    I don't see that you're using Google Analytics, so I wonder if you have a Google or Bing Webmaster Tools account? If not, I'd recommend all three.

    - I'd tweak your menu. Some read as purely SEO keyword-driven, and less human. "Mowing Omaha" and "Lawn Services Omaha" are examples of this. To human eyes, it's just awkward. Also, when I click "Lawn Services Omaha", it's just a duplicate of your home page. Why is that a menu option, let alone the first? You don't want to potentially frustrate your visitors with needless clicks. You have "Yardcare" and "Lawnmaintenance" as one word.

    - Home Page: add in some paragraph line spacing (Actually, go through the site and address these issues). I'd also experiment with font size, bolding, and line spacing. As it is, the condensed, bold green font isn't the easiest for reading bulk content.

    - A good example of page consistency and easy readability would be comparing your Services page and Fertilization page. The Services page shows clear delineation and thoughtfulness relating to the key content, whereas the Fertilization page, ostensibly calling for the same visual cues, looks like a mass of bold font. I am pulled to read one, and am pushed away by the other.

    - They're linked in all of the previous reviews, but I'd suggest Google and seoMoz's respective Beginners Guide to SEO. Page titles, meta descriptions, image tags, H tags, etc, could all use a going over.

    - Your logo is the face of your company's brand name. It's forced into the banner, diminishing it's visual quality. In technical mumbo-jumbo terms... it's all smooshy looking.

    - The Mowing Omaha page's font is smaller than the other pages. It looks like there are actually two sizes of font used for content.

    - Images: Resize/Optimize them in your favorite photo editor. As they are, they're large (both visually and physically) and forced to fit via the code sizing. Given the hosting issues you're experiencing, it took forever to load the blade sharpening pic.

    - Your phone number seems to come and go. I'd suggest adding a consistent contact/business address/service area to every page. The banner would be a prime spot to do so, as well as in the footer.

    - After looking at all of your pages, if you use your Services and Lawn Care Reviews page styling, I think that's absolutely the way to go.
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    I think the site looks pretty good. Did you build it yourself? I'm assuming you did. I built my own too and I seem to be constantly learn something I can do that will be new and beneficial to the overall appearance of my site. Professional looking sites can make you money.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I will get busy on your suggestions. Yardbros looks nice.:)

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