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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MDLawn, May 8, 2013.

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    in other words. they pay their employees less.


    i think technology has gone beyond this for alot of instances. people do not know how to use it tho. most people in this industry input every single invoice they make manually. in fact. quickbooks is capable of doing 40 hrs of work in mere minutes. but this depends on alot of factors. i do mostly routine work. weekly mowings. so its easy for me to write an invoice for the one or two landscapes i do. and then all the rest of it jsut import an excel file and be done with it. hours of work done in a minute or so.

    Thanks for the info tho. i learned a bit.
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    Outsourced, you will likely have a true accountant and not a bookkeeper. Since they are specialized it would be more efficient. Efficiencies are also gained when looking for expenses that drain your profit and manage tax liabilities. The other thing to look at is the end result. Are you getting a set of books or a true accurate accounting of your business? Contract out your accounting and get a CPA who can offer you guidance.

    Outsourcing accounting services is akin hiring a company to more a commercial property. Sure, you could have an employee mow the property, or you can contract it out.

    Do it in house, that means an investment in equipment, parts and fuel and wages. The contractor has the same expenses. However, those same expenses are divided up over each account the contractor has.

    So it may very well be cheaper to contract it out. By the same token it might be cheaper to do it in house. Size and scale are often the deciding factors.

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