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I am preparing a bid for a retirement community. I need to install mulch. The only problem is that there is 4 inches of snow on the ground and we are expected to get another 4 inches by tomorrow. The bid has to be in by March 1st. And unless we get some kind of heat wave I would be willing to bet that there is going to be snow on the ground in march. I went over there today to take a look around, there were some bare spots to see the mulch beds but not enough to take any accurate measurements. I have an idea that the job is going to entail about 75 yards. Now to my question. I cant give an accurate bid on the mulch should I let it known that I charge $65 per yard installed and delivered. and that could take up to 100 yards. How am I supposed to bid if I cant see what I am bidding on. They should no how much mulch it is going to take from last years contract. A little help would be great but I don't want to cross over and lines. I don't know what to do. Be up front with them or take a risk that I might get burned on the mulch Job and hope I make it up somewhere else. Thanks for the help!! -MIKE-


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Be up front, if you can see it you can't bid it accurately. I think that puts them at ease. Tell them that you could guess, but if you are wrong and it takes more, then they wind up coughing up more $$$$. This way it appears that you are looking out for them and wanting to get them the best deal most fair deal. JM0.02.


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Either do what Eric just said, or take your chances and guess. Personally, I don't recommend that. But if you want the job bad enough, take a chance and if you're wrong eat the loss.



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Personally, I would write up your by-the-yard price as the estimate and then also write that you "estimate about XX yards will be required." Then I'd also include something in your estimate that says that you will give a more firm exact bid estimate right before work begins. This is your safeguard.