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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dsaldivar, Feb 22, 2005.

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    I like the idea... although you can probably express your point with 2 VERY EFFECTIVE pictures. As apposed to 8.
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    i like it. either have a pro put together a mock-up or use some form of actual publishing program to do so and people will probably provide different feedback as there will be no need to try to understand the intended meaning of the piece. if you are trying to brand your business, do you have a professional logo to use?

    the other thing is that if you are using that many pictures (i'd cut it down to 6 pics at most) make sure they are of like quality. from what i see, some are good quality stock photos, and the others are not. you want cohesion.
  3. dsaldivar

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    Love the input... this is what makes this site so powerful....

    Thanks Wells,Mike and Tony

    Yeah, you know what they say about great minds.

    I originally started with only three images and got over zealous and ended up with the idea of having an A and B column of images. I agree too many...

    My first idea started with this..

    1st Image.... image of someone (or group) enjoying themselves or relaxing or relaxing activity.

    The subtitle above this image would read something like ... "Wouldn't you rather be doing this...."

    2nd Image.. (Below the first) - image of someone or group working hard in their yard, mowing etc.

    The subtitel above the second image would read something like ... "...Rather than this...."

    3rd Image... ( Below the second)- image of a beautiful landscaped home

    The subtitle above this image would read something like
    "... And still have this..."

    Then of course at the bottom something clever in letting the customer know to call my company....with my phone.

    Thanks again love the input...

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