What do you use for moles?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by efaubert1, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. efaubert1

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    Ok, moles are a big problem in our area, and I am wondering what you would recommend. I presently use Grubex to deplete their food supply.
  2. nocutting

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    Hi, rather than just killing those that comein contact with your chemical, "Go Organic" and do a "Nematode Release", it works on over 14 different types of soil larve and doesent pollute the ground water!!!!! :) :cool2: :alien:
  3. mike28nc

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    where do you get that Nematode Release??????

    I have moles. I want to get them out of the yard!!!

  4. i_plant_art

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    i use patience and a shot gun.... well at least in my yard......
  5. TOMMY1115

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    First off, a little correction is needed. A mole MAIN source of food is not grubs, contrary to popular belief. The are going after earthworms. Heard somewhere that they eat up to 40%, i think, of their body weight in earthworms daily!
    Besides Sevin, I don't know if there's a product even labeled for earthworm control, not that I would recommend doing that anyway. I havn't read a Sevin label lately to see if it is still on there.

    But anyway, there's a product called Taliprid that you can purchase. I know Lesco has it, not sure who else. In the package are 20 plastic worms that you place every 6-10 foot in the ACTIVE, key word, ACTIVE run. The active run is typically the straightest run, come from the woods or underneath a porch and will have other runs (food runs) coming off of it. The best way to check and see that it is an active run is to step on it. Go back out the next day and see if it's back up. If it is, then it's your active run. Take a broom handle and make a hole, place a worm in there and leave it alone. Don't try to cover up the hole. The hole is what will attract the mole to the worm.

    These worms work pretty good! Better than some of the gels and some of the myths out there like castor oil, JuicyFruit gum, poison peanuts, etc.

    Maybe we can call Mythbusters to bust the mole remedy myths!
  6. Runner

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    Uncle Bill's pellets, cat hair, and juicy fruit gum. Oh yeah, car exhaust works well, too. (J/K).
  7. ProLawns

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    Exactly. I used Talprid this summer and it worked. You have to find and active run.
  8. philk17088

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    Grubex doesn't pollute ground water if used properly.
  9. Killswitch

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    Nothings labled for earthworm control because if everyone knew we were killing earthworms by the millions wede all be out of jobs.


    Everything kills earthworms....

    Anyone who goes after Grubs to control Moles mustof sold lawn care for TGCL.
  10. kratzsc

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    Mole traps are the easiest and most efficient way to KILL moles. The trap that covers the mole run with impaling spikes is the way to go. It is helpful to use pesticides to alleviate their food source, but this will not totally alleviate the problem.

    Have killed over 75 moles in the past twenty three years with these types of traps. If you live in an area (creeks, streams, woods) where they habitat, you will always have problems.

    Flatten all runs, come back the next day and see which runs they have used. Flatten an area along the run and place trap.

    Moles for the most part are a solitary animal. What looks like a major problem is usually one or possibly two animals.

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