What Do you use for onsite bidding

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  1. _Cameron_

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    just trying to gain knowledge and get new ideas.

    In the past I used a clipboard with some formulas for stone, grass and mulch attached to it and a basic sheet for estimates.

    I just started using my Mac and added formulas and material list to my clipboard and glued a small calculator to it. when I get in my truck, I use the Mac and a planner that I keep estimating sheets in. I have One for lighting, one for general, one for irrigation and one for mowing. Once I’m licensed for spraying I’ll have a sheet for that as well.

    This has been working very well as I can upsell items on the sheets and keep pricing the same all around. All the items will eventually be loaded onto my pricing catalog but for now I still get my hands dirty and don’t see myself being able to use the Mac and iPad during my labor intensive days.

    I’m open to some new ideas or how you guys keep teach of estimates/invoices while also performing a lot of the work?
  2. NLPS

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    iCloud, Yardbooks, Google docs for file management. As far as calculation I’ve got the DEWALT mobile calculator app with add ons for excavation, landscaping, convertions, material quantity calculations. It’s even got an entire pack for daily business activities like marketing ROIs, loans, profits etc.

    Look into a binder with a calculator and pockets, helps a lot when taking notes/writing estimates.
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  3. andersman02

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    I use a notebook for landscape estimates (installation). Take notes, bring them home, and use a couple EXCEL sheets that have many different formulas in them
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  4. OP

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    Thanks for the replies. Here is my clipboard, kind of rough but helps me remember the different materials I install and helps me get lots of bids done on the property. If it’s more complex than stone mulch and sod, I use my Mac. I plan on having a per sq.ft price for these as well, since we almost always install the same thickness and have it down pretty well. Cleanups and mowing I still bid by just looking at the property and do not have a good means of letting someone else estimate.

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  5. OP

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    Meant to ask if y’all see anything I should add?
  6. TPendagast

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    Just my two cents

    Get an iPad
    Get it all down and practiced so you can give them a number right then and there
    Give them a price and get them to sign something right there on the iPad
    Get a deposit from them using square
    You’d be surprised how much your closing ratio increases
  7. BrixleyTrader

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    So true closing is essential key
  8. Rockbridge Lawn Care LLC

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    i don't have an ipad yet....but I carry a cheap-o lap top and a $75 HP printer in the truck. so I can print proposals out while on site, and access numerous templates for specific jobs and excel sheets w/ formulas and input the client's information upon closing a job right into quickbooks and schedule it.
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  9. kinneberg lawn service

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    For fert and spray i use excell on my phone, made a formula takes sq ft spray rate cost of product, mark up ect into account. O and of course the lovely sales tax cant forget that. Usually have few options in there to types fert ect. For buget concious or different needs such as grub.
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  10. BrixleyTrader

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    How can I get jobs like installing pavers, I running ads on google and Facebook. Is HomeAdvisor or Angie’s list worth the money?

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