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What do you use to measure ure lots.


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Jay, VT.
We have been ask to give prices on some large lawns. I like the idea of measuring that way everyone gets the same price per sq/ft. thanks for your input. Rene


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Flint, Michigan
I have a measuring wheel for measuring things like bed plans, and such. For actual properties, I pace them out. I can't believe how accurate and close I am all the time.

Envy Lawn Service

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North Carolina
I use a measuring wheel also. But I have already worn out my Cummins measuring wheel though LOL!!! I can still get it to work but it's a pain. Who makes a good one with a good size wheel that doesn't cost a fortune?

LawnScapers of Dayton

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Dayton, OH
Check out Harbour Freight......I paid $25 for mine......it has a 24" wheel....


Pilgrims' Pride

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Get a measuring wheel.
Lesco sells them and as you can see there are many others as well.
I use a wheel myself as often as I can.
But I have also learned to pace things too.
My pace, (And an average man in general) is about 5.5 feet per pace.
That is left foot, right foot, left foot. I see how silly that looks!
Anyway, I'll pace a property counting by 5s then get my square footage and multiply by 1.1.
Works very well.
Especially if someone says I need a price and there is still snow on the ground.

Which btw I prefer not to do!


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Derek, can you give me that part number from harbor freight. I have searched for it with no luck, maybe im not awake this am