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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ch4x0r, May 9, 2013.

  1. ch4x0r

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    What do you guy's use to mow steep grades/slopes in yard's. I have one client that her yard is one huge hill its a very nice place but man is it a PITA as of now im having to use a 21 inch husky push mower, and weed eat a huge part of the top of the yard because the push mower just don't have the power for it. And im not sure of the slope degree but i can tell you i wear kleets when i do it lol:laugh:
  2. zackvbra

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    if its too steep for the push mower, then we trim it with the line trimmers. one yard we do has a huge 50-60 degree slope and its about 20'x50' down to a lake. We have to line trim all of that.

    Every time i go there, i think how much fun it would be to set up a slip and slide and slide right on into the lake. lol.
  3. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    For several years I had one back lawn that was incredibly steep. The first time I was nervous, but learned soon that it was no problem at all as long as I only mowed when it was dry. Used an Exmark Metro WB. I'd always told myself mentally that if I ever started to slip that I'd just let the mower go. It happened only once. I don't know what happened but my foot couldn't have slipped more than a few inches and I pushed the mower away and just let go. I couldn't believe my good fortune when it was stopped by a small soft tree at the bottom of the hill...just before the creek. But more than that I felt a lot better after that knowing that I didn't hesitate to put into practice what I'd been preaching to myself.

    If it anything at all goes awry, let the mower go and put as much distance between you as possible. Don't try to save it - it's not worth it.

    And don't mow up/down. Always side to side.
  4. ch4x0r

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    Lol yes one side of this woman's yard would be great for a slip and slide just it would be into the woods! lol we can go side to side with the push mower but the back end want's to slide and the front dig straight and it just takes a quick toll on you fast fighting with it. but weed eating the whole top half also is very ruff on the back i was just wondering if like a bigger walk behind like a turf tracer or something would get the job done, ive even considered looking at the new exmark 30's because i live in tennessee and most of my clients have hills and honestly i just don't feel safe at all on my z turn on slopes had a guy get killed here last week when he flipped on a incline.
  5. ch4x0r

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    Oh trust me i try my best to be very safe and take all precautions i have a little 6 year old princess to come home to!! And like you i would say heck with the equipment it can be replaced!
  6. jones68

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  7. zackvbra

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    Wow, that looks pretty cool. Might have to look into one of those. I'm tired of this 20 year old craftsman I got!
  8. ch4x0r

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    Hey thanks jones i haven't seen that one either, it looks almost the one i have now which is a great little mower but just doesn't have it for steep hills, that may be my ticket and just what i need. thanks again!
  9. dstifel

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    I use a non self propelled push mower. Super light and not as difficult as you would think doesn't slide out at all. It also has the large rear tires idk if that would make a difference or not.

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