What do you wear plowing???


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Phila Burbs
I was just wondering if there are certain brands of clothes,
gloves, boots hats ect. that may be prefered. I am going to be plowing mostly res. drives & clearing walks. I'll have help with me running the snow blower to do the walks, but I'm sure that I'll be done before they are ( on some) and I'll get the shovel. I can see me being in & out of the truck ALOT!!! I hunt all winter long and know how to dress in layers, have decent boots, gloves ect. Are there any preferences or just common sense.


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South West PA
NO jackets with collars or hoods. My head spins around too many times, and I end up with severe irritation on my neck from the collar rubbing.


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Henderson, NV
I wear carhartt coveralls some waterproof boots ($24.00 from KMart), a headband that covers ears and most importantly a good pair of gloves; the type w/fingers exposed. I put them on when I leave the house and leave them on until I get home.

I think the key is to be comfortable. Don't worry too much about dressing for artic weather. You'll be working hard and generating some heat.


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Birthday suit with coat and tie. I like to make a good impression on our clients.


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All our trucks have heaters.

Our guys are required to wear collared shirts (polo) and be clean shaven in case they come into contact with a customer.

I myself prefer a short sleeve polo with dockers. I keep the gloves, carhart jacket (for repairs) and leather coat (for style) in the back seat, but I don't wear that while plowing.

Turn up the heat, keeps the windows clear!



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Central CT
I plow in t-shirt and jeans. A quilted flannel shirt and watch cap on the seat go on when I need to clear walks, the leather coat hanging on the hook behind the drivers seat goes on when I need to deal with a customer. Oh yeah several pairs of insulated work gloves lined up on the floor to dry (courtesy of a friend at the local electric utility).

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