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What Do You Wear ?


LawnSite Senior Member
Northwest Ohio
When you call on potential customers what type of clothing do you wear? If you don't have company uniforms what do you wear? Shirt & Tie or do you go for the more casual look? Please explain the reasons for what you wear. Thanks for your advice.



LawnSite Bronze Member
Sacramento CA
I wear khaki shorts and a clean polo shirt.

I dont dress any fancier because I dont feel that is my image. This is a sweaty, casual profession.

Contacts in the snow are treated to my Eddie Bauer Coat I received for Xmas.

I know there is another post like this, but cant remember the title?


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
I would probably go like toro does but i
know a car body man who use to say
show me a plumber in a shirt and tye
and ill show you a future millionair,
I wasn t sure what he meant but he now
owns a whole chain of body shops in
charlotte and surrounding areas.


LawnSite Senior Member
NE Ohio
When going out to bid I or whomever is going to do the bid wears khakis with a company shirt (polo style).. and work boots. The same that we cut in other than the polo shirt it's just a regular company shirt.



LawnSite Senior Member
In the colder season i just wear heavy clothing with no logo, but in warm temps i wear baseball style caps with logo and shirts with logo, and shorts mostly tan in color. I think with the logo it does look a bit more business like. But after about a hour there wet and getting dirty anyway so i guess its up to the Lawn Co------Marks Mowing Service--PS no matter what you wear always do the best job that you can.


LawnSite Senior Member
When mowing, I wear blue jean shorts and tan or green Dickies t-shirts and a company tan hat.

When meeting with clients on a non-mowing visit, like for bidding and such, I wear same except the t-shirts. I wear in place of a t-shirt nice polo style bright green shirt with my company logo embroidered on the chest just the same as my hats.

Clean cut look is a first impression that I make sure my prospects see. I make sure I have shaved and haircut is in shape. I even take out the ol' ear ring on cold calls and first time meetings. Once you have the account and they see what type of work you do for a while, then these issues can be a little more forgiving.

Vandora Lawn & Landscape

LawnSite Senior Member
Baltimore, MD
If I'm visiting during my cutting day, I wear what I wear to cut. Khaki cargo (long or short as per weather), a company t-shirt, and work boots. If it's during off hours, I wear clean khaki's (long or short as per weather), a company polo, and clean shoes unless I need boots.


LawnSite Senior Member
Portsmouth, VA
Cold (40's or lower) days: Jeans, pullover sweatshirt.
Hot days: Denim shorts, white or gray t-shirt (tucked in.)
If it isn't too hot I wear a s/s button shirt over the t.
Hiker boots, they are light and comfortable.
White socks, so they can be bleached.

I like the polo shirts, but I can get dirty by walking near a mower.