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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fblandscape, Mar 28, 2003.

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    What do you do with customers who refuse to listen? I have one client who almost completely refuses to listen to what I have to say about his property, and how it is cared for. The $$$ figure that he represents each year is WAY too much to walk away from.
  2. Soupy

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    If the money is good and you don't want to walk away, then there is nothing else you can do but show up each week and do what you were hired to do.

    If the money is fair but not what I consider a gravy account, Then I would walk away.
  3. rodfather

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    Just keep depositing their checks...and try to remember that people do things for their reasons, not yours.
  4. turfman59

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    He may not want to listen to you, but he may accept a memo from you better,,,try it ! some people like to analyze in printed form. but when it comes to conversing, there mind and mouth run out of sinc. which gives you the HE isnt listening to me... leave it in typed and printed form on the door step or in the door next time... you will be amazed if he is one of those,,, High D types on the DISC profile email me if want more details
  5. MN Wildwood

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    I would possibly try the memo suggestion, I have never thought of that before, but thinking about it seems logical.

    I the property is such a large account has the owner given permission to do whatever needs doing? If so then it would sound like they would like you to handle everything, they may not listen because they don't want to worry about anything, that they feel things are for you to take care of. However if they only want select services and do not allow you to do your recommendations I would first start with a memo, then call them up a few days later to see about it. If the situation is the same then I would do my best to view the account as a work in progress - keep pushing services, one at a time every few months so that they are spread out.

    I would only consider walking away if you had something else to fill the space and only if the condition of the property was something I did not want associated with my company.
  6. fblandscape

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    All I do for this guy is the fine stuff, pruning of ornamentals, and other plants, and stuff like that. The guy has other people who do the grunt work. I tried to tell him today that he should unstake the trees which he had planted 2 years ago, and he said that he grows better fruit by keeping the trees staked. Also he said that my books are wrong??? There is a bunch of other stuff which I really don't want to get into... but that is the basic concept.
  7. LWNMWR1

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    just don't forget the PITA charge, sometimes i add a DA charge too!!
  8. Keith

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    I have a few like that. You could tell them something over and over and it goes in one ear and out the other. Then a neighbor or some other influential person tells them the exact same thing and they run it past you like they just came up with it :D Shake your head and move on. If the money is decent keep on working! You can't help people like this, just go along with them. It's aggravating sometimes. As long as they are not having you waste time doing crazy things or telling you how to do your job directly, go with it.

    Little story about one of our better customers. She can get on your nerves sometimes, but we have continued working for her for about 9 years. She's not mean or anything, just strange. I tried to talk her into a monthly contract right from the beginning. At that time, we were getting about $70 a month for that size lawn. She refused and said her son told her that it would only need to be cut every two weeks. Well, I knew that wouldn't last and gave her a price accordingly. The yard wasn't in real good shape anyway. She had us do the fertilizing as well. Within a year we were cutting it every week from about March through December. Then within a couple years we had it really growing and cutting it sometimes 6 times a month. Total, we probably cut the yard 60 times a year, still by the cut and paying way more than double what she would have by the month :)

    She also has chosen her own light landscaping about 6 times, finally settling on, pretty much, what we suggested originally :cool: Within the past few months I had tried to get her to take down a section of fence so I could just mow the small back yard with one of the riders, but that didn't seem like a good idea to her. She told me about 2 months ago her son, once again, said maybe we could just take a section of fence down :D And that was a good idea.
  9. Rhett

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    What is the question? They keep paying and? :confused:

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