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What do your referal programs consist of??


LawnSite Senior Member
Houston, TX
I have read many posts about different people on lawnsite that have had tremendous sucess with referal programs. What is your typical referal program and how is it set up?


LawnSite Member
My referral program consists of: A thank you note for the recent referral with a $10 gift card to Home Depot, Chili's, or Blockbuster Video. The more referrals the customer provides the better the gift cards get.

I used to give the customer a free Mowing but realized that most people would probably prefer something that there not already receiving.


LawnSite Silver Member
Cocoa Florida
$35 gift cert to a nice restaurant close to their house. I do it as a surprise.

I send out a letter each spring reminding people that the best thank you they can give me is to refer a friend in need of my services. If you don't ask, most people think you are too busy to take on additional clients.