What does a nice lawn mean to you?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SuperLawnFreak, May 18, 2012.

  1. SuperLawnFreak

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    I've been thinking lots about why we mow the same lawns over and over and for what? I just wanted to hear what you guys thought about what it means to maintain a well manicured lawn. Why do we spend so much time on something that bears no fruit? Maybe these are the midlife crisis questions, but any answers will help.
  2. aaron86

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    for me it is taking pride in my work i like to say hey i did that
  3. Think Green

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    There was a time that I asked myself this same question.
    The fruits of a man's labor is often done in vain.............until it is noticed as a part of continuous quality. I have obtained several jobs from the work we do. I believe it is vanity and ego that drives mentalities like ours. The flip side to the coin is........it is who we are and what we can deliver that most times other competitor's cannot. I am a working, owner, boss and leader with usually two helpers on all my sites. Quality counts, line trimming counts, and so does the overall appearance. The other real reason for such anal intentions is to pay my bills. A customer will not pay for quality work unless it can be achieved each week, week after week, and month after month. It is something to be proud of and knowing it will grow back next week.
    I often wonder about barber's.........do they feel the same way on hair.?? You bet they do. Ever wonder about the fireman and police.....they do the same thing day after day yet they have satisfaction, pride, honor and a civil duty to perform under arduous routines and situations. Does this help answer your question???
  4. lazor-cut

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    I take pride in my lawn. It kinda reflects me...Well cut, always manicured to it's finest, healthy and strong. ahahahh!
    No i just think he reflects the person who's behind it... My lawn gets fertilized (through a deal) once a month and watered when it needs it. I keep it cut like a stadium and looking lush and weedless!
  5. nolatoolguy

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    Personally if it was my lawn ide just say nice and open plenty of space a few trees with branches that you dont hit when walking under. Nothing fancy. Ime pretty simple.

    Now when it comes to what a nice lawn is for a acount its whatever there willing to pay for I will get done an do it with pride.

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