what does an S185 burn per hour or 8 hr day.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by 81Bronk36, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. 81Bronk36

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    Like the title... I just need a ballpark figure because I haven't a clue, I dont think I have operated a Skid long enough consecutively to even run down an entire tank by myself. I already know 24 gallons times $4.50 (believe thats about the price of offroad here) = 110 bucks.
    Thank you in advance for the replies:clapping:
  2. Junior M

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    i have no clue!

    but we can run our rented t190 backfilling pools for twelve hours on a tank of fuel course that isnt very hard work just pushing dirt around...
  3. ARP

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    Depending on what type of work you are doing and how hard you are working the machine, you could go through half a tank to almost a full tank in a day. After a recent job I did where I was running the machine (S185) full bore for 10 hrs hogging dirt, I went through almost 20 gal of fuel.

    On a lighter job where I was able to use the foot throttle to regulate engine speed while grading, I used a little more than 1/4 of a tank in 4 hours.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Junior M

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    ok i was so freakn wrong it wasnt funny!! i was thinking of the excavator! haha

    we usually almost empty it backfilling pools on a ten to twelve hour day..
  5. bobcat_ron

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    Those mid framed skids have a 28 gallon tank, 56 hp, so maybe 20 gallons in light stuff, but most builders here that have that fame size usually burn 15 gallons, but they don't use it as much.
  6. 81Bronk36

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    Thanks guys, it looks like I will put in $350 into the bid and bank on a little over 3 tanks for the 3 days of hauling branches and debris with a root/grapple thru the woods.
  7. Junior M

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    want some help? haha i love hauling brush and trees with a grapple not sure why i just love!
  8. 81Bronk36

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    last time I did it was the beginning of my first full summer operating... barely knew the pedals... old guy I was with dropped me off and went to go get something, told me where to put the debris so I hopped in and got to work. I kept noticing that the ride was really wavy but thought nothing of it. Turns out I had a flat tire the whole time that I never saw when I got in. Almost ruined the tire, they had to run a tube in it. I now check all tires every time :laugh: It was probably that 863's fault anyway.. that thing was the biggest lemon ever!!
  9. bobcatuser

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    With my S185 I’m averaging 1.5 to 2 Gallons/Hr. running 2400-2500 RPM. If I put tracks on, it’s just over 3Gal/Hr.
  10. Junior M

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    thats the best way to learn!

    that is the way dad taught me! well i shouldnt say taught me he just told me what to do and he walked off! haha

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