what does it take to get a license for pesticide in florida?


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we have a residential lawn and landscaping company. Our customers are in need of pesticide and fertilizer. how do you obtain the license?

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Above is the Link to Florida's Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control Certification requirements. You will not like what you read. Unlike other states You can not just step up and get a license. Even if you jump though all the hoops to finally sit for the test, less than 50% pass it. Most taking the test have some college if not a degree in Horticulture and still can not pass the test. Florida has the hardest pesticide test in the nation.

Therefore You might save yourself a lot of stress by just hooking up with a good Pest Control Operator and send him the business. If you are lucky he might send some back to you. In the Coral Spring Area Most Pesticide companies will be Hispanic. If you are lucky they will work with you.

No you don't like what I am telling you and you will not believe me at first. However after you start investigating the law you will realize that I am telling you the truth.


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thanks for the reply. We are in coral springs and we do have a couple of people we can talk to. I was just curious to the legal and education you would have to go through. there is a lot of work in south florida and there also is a lot of competition. Just a thought for pest control as another source of income but it is time consuming. Are there restrictions on fertilizing?

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