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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by slapshotmike24, May 19, 2005.

  1. slapshotmike24

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    Hi! Sealcoating seems like a good source of extra income. Could someone fill me in on the overhead, equipment, and the details of sealcoating. All I know is you need the big tank that you put on a trailer. Any advice would be great! :help:
  2. kipcom

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    Depends on what type you want to apply ? Hot or Cold ?

  3. Mdirrigation

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    There is no "hot" applied sealcoating. There are 3 types , coal tar emulsion, ( mostly east of the mississippi , asphalt emulsion mostly west coast , and gilsonite based sealer (the worst ) .

    Been doing sealcoating as a added service for 10 years .
  4. DJ Contracting

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    Same here i found a company called Star Seal Coat of Ohio that have a 275 gal. poly tank motor pump and wand for $999.95 and plus shipping and taxes. Now for me i may try one for the cost right now i use the five gal, and broom. Oh the motor and pump act as an agitator by recirculating the material.
  5. Mdirrigation

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    Dont waste your money , seriously , find acu seal on the web he is in Maryland , makes a good set up . That poly square tank and trash pump is a joke . My 550 tank is 15 years old and still going strong . My squeege machine is a 1972 and works great .

    RICHIE K LawnSite Senior Member
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    Last year we had alot of customer request sealcoating, so I added it to our list of services last year we did 17 driveways. Not bad extra money payup

    Richie K

    www.kulakandcompany.com :blob3:
  7. Itsgottobegreen

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    Listen to Mdirrigation he knows what he is talking about. I have seen his stuff. He has a lot of seal coating machines. And other really neat toys.
  8. BMFD92

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    I work for a seal coating business. It is me and two other guys. It is a dirty and hard business but you can come home on a one day job with a boat load of money. I do customers driveways by hand with a brush and its a pain but I get some good dough
  9. KivaKid

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    Seal-Coating is definitley hard, dirty work! I started a pesticide program for an asphalt company, and to keep busy when I'm not spraying I got a CDL to drive the tanker seal-coat truck and dirt trucks. Well, I spend about 90% of my days out in the hot sun with a broom/hose/squeegee in my hand. We broom and blow clean before coating. Not exactly what I had in mind when I started there, but it seems like the company makes pretty decent money on it. Gas stations are THE WORST to seal-coat!!! UGH!!! PEOPLE!!! 1/2 the station one day, the other half a day or two later. People will drive right through safety cones/caution tape! They won't be convinced to do it at night! ;)
  10. Its not easy work, and very messy. I just started my business this year and invested A LOT of money but it will start trickeling back to me eventually.

    You will at least need the following:
    Materials (duh)
    Truck ($28,500) in my case but you can get a cheap $3k used old truck.
    Trailer (optional but helpful, I am going to be borrowing one from a friend)
    300 or 550 or 700 or bigger trailer or skid mounted tank/spray unit (don't have one yet, hopefully soon) At least $11,500 for a 300 or more. You want one with a motor, hand agitation is a joke.
    Back pack leaf blower (Stihl BR420 Magnum, $420 or so)
    Direct fire melter with hand agitation for applying hot-pour crack-fill material ($1300)
    Propane, strikers, etc.
    Propane Torch
    Weed whacker (i am probably going to get a stihl with an edger and broom attachment)
    Depending on your state, home improvement registration, insurance, business filing fees, etc.
    Squeegees (good aluminum ones) roughly $50-65 each depending on size, trust me, you want a bunch of different sized ones, you don't want to be doing a whole driveway with an 18" I have an 18", 36" and a 48", I am going to get a 60"
    Power washer ($1,000+ for a good one)
    Brooms, shovels, etc.
    Hand tamp for packing down cold-patch.
    Business cards, flyers, $ for classified advertising.
    Job signs
    etc. etc. etc.

    Other things I want to get:
    Billy goat blower $850-1300

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