What does your full service accounts include?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SouthernYankee, Aug 3, 2005.

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    I am thinking about going to add in full service for my lawn accounts since its very popular in the South. I was wondering what everyone includes in their full service. Below is a rough of idea of what I was thinking about for 3 service packages.

    1. Basic--------Mow, edge, trim, blow

    2. Silver------- Mow, edge, trim,blow, weed beds

    3.Gold---------Mow,edge,trim,blow,weed beds,trim shrubs,rake up leaves

    What would you add or change to these service packages? Also how would you price out these packages?

    For instance.......Basic is $30.00
    Silver is $35.00
    Gold is $40.00

    The lawn size is irrelavent since prices are so regionally different.

    All input is appricated. thanks
  2. mcwlandscaping

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    My opinion, you are not chargeing enough for the gold even silver. There is only a ten dollar difference between the Basic and Gold and you are adding a lot of work. I think the concept is great, just need to rethink prices. Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't. Good Luck, i do really like teh idea.
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    eliminate the word "full". i've had problems here, even though the contract clearly states what is meant/covered under THIS full service agreement. no matter how clearly u spell it out, some jackazz will always try to make you thier slave, saying, "well, "full" service, should include this, or that, etc." they should be called "service agreements" with a list of items, which are explained thoroughly and clearly, recommended by you, chosen by the client, and signed for. weekly mowing (then explain EXACTLY what weekly mowing is). fert/chemical program, breaking it down and them checking off what they desire, and then a thorough explanation of what each treatment does, etc. scu- and exactly what u will, or will not clean (one lady thought i should take the old rusty washer and dryer that was behind her shed for 20 yrs.) and then fcu- again, be thorough in explaining when u r done cleaning leaves, YOU ARE DONE!. you don't cum back for free to clean what the wind blew over from thier neighbors. weeding of beds is another service, but be clear on limits with this, i've had customers who water 200 days straight, and the weeds were overwhelming, you couldn't pull them fast enough.
  4. ToroLandscaper

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    Heres what i would do

    Basic-mow blow trim
    Silver- mow blow trim edge
    Gold-mow trim blow edge weed beds out
    Premium-mow trim blow edge weed beds out and rake

    I dont think you are goin to want to have to rake up leaves everytime but then if you do i would make a Premium
  5. stumper1620

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    excellent points BG
  6. Precision

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    lose the titles gold, silver, premium.

    Just offer basic then the other things as ala carte. Ala carte pays slightly higher or everything for a slight discount.

    basic mowing $100 monthly mow, edge, line trim, blow
    bed maintenance 30 monthly weed control with round up
    Trimming 30 monthly trimming all hedges and ornamentals
    fert 30 monthly x apps with Y brand fert
    Irrigation Maintenance 30 monthly quarterly system test and adjustment for season
    mulch package 30 monthly mulch all beds with wood chips

    The prices bear no relationship to reality. but they offer a good illustration

    Now your client can chose basic lawn care at $100 or add any other feature or combination of features by adding the prices together.

    Or they can go for the whole deal for $250 but to entice them into doing this offer it at the discount price of $235. The trick is building in the discount before you discount it.

    This works like a charm for me.Some people just say well I am getting $250 worth of stuff for $235 sold.
    Others start with basic and beds then later work their way up as the months go on.

    Others discuss it and well for only $30 more he will do this, and for an extra $30 we get that. Well for that we might as well get the other and get the discount.

    Since I implemented this system in March my sales and profits are up big.

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