What drives you?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Team Gopher, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. GraZZmaZter

    GraZZmaZter LawnSite Senior Member
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    Money inspires me ... My Harley - Davidson sitting in MY Garage at MY house ... and soon to come ( at the top of the list ) .... my baby due early 04'
  2. leadarrows

    leadarrows LawnSite Senior Member
    from N/A
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    I'd like to claim this as my own but it's what a friend of mine says when ask this question. It apples to me as well so I'm using it.

    "My wifes not exactly the wind beneath my sails shes more like the fire under my azz" LOL

    Family responsibility's is what keeps me going. Other people depending on me has done more to motivate me than any thing else ever did when I was single. That and I need about $150.00 a week just for dog food or the dogs will eat me. LOL
  3. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    Freedom and being the boss.
  4. Rex Mann

    Rex Mann LawnSite Senior Member
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    I like meeting all the different people I do proposals for and work for. I like seeing my employees provide for their families, and knowing I have a hand in it. I like putting all the components of a detailed install together. I like exceeding my client's expectations. I like being able to work for who I want to. I love what I do.

    That is what drives me every day in this business. Rarely do I dread getting out of bed in the morning.


  5. T.E.

    T.E. LawnSite Senior Member
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    Freedom from the time clock I would say I had a job for almost fifteen years where I ran a cnc drill a heck of a lot easier than lco. I would rather do this any day of the week. I don't think it is something you learn it is bred in you from birth I've all ways wanted to work for myself
  6. WeatherMan

    WeatherMan LawnSite Senior Member
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  7. MP350

    MP350 LawnSite Member
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    Making money at my own pace, and taking off from work when I want to,ie play ball with son
  8. pokemon

    pokemon LawnSite Member
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    Taking care of my family example my son now 8 seeing him doing his best in school and play :cool:
  9. Hometown Lawn Care

    Hometown Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    nothing yet....
  10. dmk395

    dmk395 LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Ma
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    Control, freedom and money....the ability to visualize selling other peoples time rather than my own.

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