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I'm geting a little more serious with my part time business and was wondering what other equipment I need ? I am probably going to be cutting 10 - 12 yards weekly and will be providing other services like hedge trimming, tree / limb removal, mulching, fall clean up, minor planting. I've spent alot of time on busness plans, licensing and target advertising using much of the information I have learned here. I've listed my equipment below. My yards are 1/3 to 1/2 acre. Thanks.<br>Ford Truck<br>6 x 10 trailer<br>John Deere lawn Tractor. 42&quot; mulcher<br>Echo trimmer<br>Echo Blower<br>Husky hedge trimmer<br>Stihl chainsaw<br>Craftsman wheeled edger<p>I know I'm going to need a trim mower sooner or later. Any suggestions ?<p>Also, do I need a mini tiller like a Mantis for bed clean up or edging ? <p>I'm looking for a used Walker to replace my John Deere for obvious reasons.<p>


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turfer--the big problem I see is with the JD and the trim mower. *%#@can both. get a good walk behind mower ASAP. that's going to be the best bang for the buck in your situation. the less time you spend riding in circles, the more time you'll have to take on more work, or be at home with family. good luck.<p>GEO


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turfer,<br>A blade sharpener of some sorts will be required, at least a file. Your Deere should be fine in the short term, upgrade if you plan to continue or add more customers. A MTD trim mower can be acquired for $99...will last around a year, if pushed hard.<p>As you make more money, and see the potential to add more customers- your equipment faults will be more apparent.<p>Keep some cash or a credit line for things that need replacement or great sale opportunities.<p>Time...it takes time and effort, chasing girls or drinking with buddies will slow you down (16 years in my case).<p>Last of all...Have fun!
Another machine I would highly recommend,specialy if you work by yourself is a articulating pole trimmer . I myself have been using an Echo model and have been very happy with it,though I heard good things about Sthil's product also.<p>What i like about this machine is I don't have to go so high on my orchard latter to catch the top part of a hedge or don't even have to use my latter. Also great for doing wide hedges.<br>Jean<p>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044


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You may be able to talk to multiple dealers in your area to demo different mowers to decide what to get. For your trim mower you may want to consider a 2-cycle if you have lots of hills to mow. <br>Some advice from someone who was in your shoes once - go commercial for all equipment and go as big as you can now. If you plan to grow your business this won't be a problem so put some cash out and go commercial. Use the search feature at the top to research anything you want. Good Luck.

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Try to sell your rider and get a used walkbehind. Just don't put yourself into a bind. You also might want to check into a wheel blower for those clean ups. Just a back pack can take you days sometimes. Good Luck!!! And happy mowing<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)


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This ain't a machine but you better get some insurance, that part time thing could end up costing you for a lifetime without it!<p>Homer


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I also try to do all the things you list besides mowing. I charge by the hour. I enjoy pulling weeds as long as I'm getting paid.<br>One tool I find myself using quite a bit<br>is loppers. I went through several pairs<br>(probably need to learn how to sharpen them)<br>before I got some good ones. I got some<br>Felcos from A.M. Leonard. <br>www.amleo.com<br>They sell about 20 different pairs of loppers, all costing 50 to 100 bucks or more.<br>Mine were $100 and worth it. Anything<br>AM Leonard sells is good. I don't know why<br>quality tools like that aren't available in<br>stores. The loppers in stores are usually<br>$10 - $20.<p>I've never used a riding mower, but one week<br>I had several calls asking me if I had one.<br>If I did have one, I'd probably keep it.<br>I also had a few calls asking if I had a<br>rototiller. May get one someday.<br>I would also like to have some long-handled<br>hedge trimmers to save moving a ladder around. And ideally I would have backups for<br>all tools - mowers and everything, maybe<br>even another truck or van. Just so I can jump<br>in and go and get stuff fixed when there's time. Also, a long-handled pole saw/lopper for tree trimming. Another item that varies<br>in quailty with the good stuff available<br>from AM Leonard. I just have a cheap crummy<br>one now, but an essential tool.<p>

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yardmonkey:<p>That amleo.com site not found. Are you sure you typed it right? I need new loppers and might be interested in getting the one thing all my other loppers dont have. Quality.<p>Have a good one ya'll.

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&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.amleo.com&quot;&gt;A M Leonard&lt;/a&gt;<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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