what else do you use your npr for

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by turfcrazy, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. turfcrazy

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    i have another hobby besides mowing grass.... i'm looking into buying a npr and wondering if anyone has other uses for their truck.. like hauling show cars, 4wheels, hot rods and jeeps... I know i'll have to reinforce the gate and put tie downs in.. any replys or pics would be great.... thanks tommy
  2. Albemarle Lawn

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    Mine has a landscape body with fold down gate.

    I use it for my Skidsteers and also I have an FJ40 Landcruiser that fits perfect on it. Also fetch firewood, supplies, sod, hot asphalt, drywall, door or window sets, plywood, you name it.

    I actually drove Virginia to Kansas, loaded a wrecked Fuso cab-chassis, and drove back.

    Cars are a problem because they cannot go up the steep ramp or transition across the break to the flat portion of the bed, and most cars would be too long anyway.

    Yes you should reinforce the gate. Mine is going to the welder for fixing and back-saver gate assist.

  3. turfcrazy

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    thanks for the reply. i'm going to haul a toyota 4runner w/ 38's" tires so that's the info i'm looking for....
  4. pottstim

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    The publishing company I work for bought an '04 NPR Diesel with a 14 foot Supreme box 2 weeks ago. I have put almost 700 miles on it so far and I love it. We use it to deliver bundled newspapers throughout the county. All of the subscriber copies go to the 6 post offices in the county. The truck also carries all of the newsstand copies. I also use the truck to haul all of our scrap newsprint and scrap cardboard to the recycling center. Each metal basket fully loaded with paper weighs around 1,000 lbs. I typically haul 2-3 baskets each time I go. The cardboard basket probably weighs around 400-500 lbs, and the truck handles all of this easily. We also do commercial printing on the side, and the truck is used to deliver this material if the customer requests it. Before we purchased the NPR, we demoed a Mitsubishi Fuso FE diesel for 2 days. We liked the truck, but it did not have the power that the NPR has, plus the Mitsu was a leftover 2003 model with 1,000 miles on it. For $300 more than the Mitsu we got an '04 NPR with seat covers and cruise control. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I will try and get some pictures of it posted as soon as I can.

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