What else does everyone do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Jan 19, 2000.

  1. Green Acres

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    Just curious on some of the other services people provide. It seems most of us just mow or aerate. Trying to see what everyone else does so I know who to ask questions too. Like myself I mostly do mowing but also provide yard clean-ups, drainage problems, light landscaping, and sodding. Hope everyone one is getting ready for spring it will be here sooner than we think.
  2. Cannonturf

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    The company I currently work for and have for years does the following.<br>Mowing,prunning,tree trimming,chemicial applications,Landscaping,irrigation,seeding and or hydroseeding,retaining walls.sanding,liquid ice melt,snowplowing.<br>We do to many damn things
  3. dylan

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    I do quite a few things too.<br>Mowing, yard cleanups, tree/hedge trimming,<br>rototilling, dethaching, light landscaping, house/trailer/window washing, snowblowing, repair work and just about any other odd jobs my clients can think of. They like the fact that whatever needs doing I don't mind getting done. For one guy, I even install his lightbulbs. Good job when you can get it! My village is small (Pop 500) so I have to be creative.
  4. geogunn

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  5. pogo

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    Try hanging x-mas lights in dec. i've been doing it for 3 years. Great money maker for Dec. Hey Dylan, what do you mean you live in a village?
  6. dylan

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    The Population is about 500 people. Even less in the winter. Refered to as &quot;The Village&quot; by locals.
  7. Erika B

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    Thanks pogo- I was about to ask the question. I was wondering what most of you do during the off season? I know alot are gearing their marketing projects and wrapping up unpaid accounts, but I was going to ask about snow plowing and Christmas decor and things like that. I know there's a Xmas decor booth at alot of the expos - they were at GIE this year. How significant a contribution do these off-season endeavors become for everyone's business, aside from the obvious not having help that is seasonal only and cutting down on turnaround?<br>
  8. Lazer

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    erika b,<p>We make more net profit from snowplowing than from lawn care/landscaping. We employ about the same number of people and equipment, just plowing has been much more profitable.<p>I know of 4 different people who have sold their lawn business and just plow snow. They do it right and work hard at it, but they have all spring & summer off.
  9. lbmd1

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    Lazer,<br> How many average snowstorms do you get in a season over there in Michigan? You're right about the profitability in plowing, but relying on it is another matter. Here in New Hampshire, our plowable storms have been greatly reduced to only about 5-8 storms a year! At least with mowing, you can count on about 29 weeks. Let me know.<p>Mike
  10. WorkForce Intl

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    My company does a variety of things, but perhaps the bulk of of work is related to the INS' H2B program. We work with business that are looking to hire inexpensive, nonimmigrant seasonal labor. We not only get the labor certifications, we actually go to Mexico and through our contacts are able to secure experienced workers. We deal with the American consulate, and deliver the workers to the businesses. It's a year round job, because the process takes from 60 to 90 days to complete.<p>I'd be more than happy to talk about this to anyone who might be interested.<p>Elisama Puente<br>WorkForce International<br>WorkForceIntl@aol.com<br>(713)923-5564<br>(713)923-5517

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