what engine for ztr mower NOT to buy.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rickyd, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. Grasshog

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    Kent, Gravely are the only one"s I know of that offer Robin motors. I kind of wish the others would start.
  2. LES

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    I work for a large equipment dealer in north central ILL and we are a Kawi, Kohler, Honda, Briggs, Tech, well you get the picture. I have to say that we have had the best luck with the Kawi. by far. Kohler has had a large amount of problems with head gaskets and oil leaks. On some models where regular thorough cleaning is difficult, Kohler has had problems with over-heating due to all the dirt sticking to any and all oil seepage. Hope this info helps.:blob3:
  3. rickyd

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    thanks for all the many responses and good info. this really is the best site i have seen for "useful" info i decided to get a gravely with a 25hp kawi, liked the way it handled and has a hydrolic deck lift and a full floatation seat for less than exmark, grasshopper ,scag ,etc. anyway, thanks again !!! rick
  4. all engines in differnt areas experiance diff. problems in diff areas

    howhever I had a Kohler 22 hp and had nothing but problems with it

    I curently have several Kohlers and have no problems incuding the 25hp hor.

    and yes if you set the idle at 3650 it will put out 25hp
  5. rja

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    How do you clean the motor? On my Kohler 25h, it looks like you could spray engine cleaner around the head fins and hose off (on a cold motor of course) but I would be worried about getting some of the electrical stuff wet that is under the flywheel. Removing the shrouds is a major task. What would you recommend? Thanks, Rich

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