What engine

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Which engine

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  1. 29 Kawasaki

    8 vote(s)
  2. 34 efi Kohler with red

    14 vote(s)
  1. weeze

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    get the kohler. no valves to adjust.
  2. yankdownunder

    yankdownunder LawnSite Member
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    FI is NOT new, maybe on lawnmowers it is.
    My experience comes from automotive, and having taken engines apart to examine for wear, FI engines exhibit far less wear on the [expensive] parts. 100k used to be the [rough] threshold for engine life/wear. Well maintained engines=more, less maintained engines=less, but if an engine had 100k on it, you'd take it apart to look at it.
    FI engines cylinder/piston last much longer as the cylinder walls are not getting "washed" down with a solvent [fuel].
    Besides the benefit of lower fuel consumption, engine wear is reduced dramatically.
    The only thing that I'd worry about with FI is that they are programed to run [very] lean [hot], not a good thing for air cooled engines. So, a little reprogramming would help, otherwise, there is no "downside" to FI.

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