What engines to avoid?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JaysLawnServices, Jul 7, 2013.

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    I'm sure there are a ton of them problem free on the road, but personally i know of 3 people that have had major issues with them under 100k.

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    I have a 5.3 with 276k. It went through two transmissions, exhaust manifolds, brakes and brake lines, starters.
    need ball joints, lucky to get 15mpg.

    I have a 5.4 with 154k. Muffler and tailpipe, brakes all around due to rust, Fuel filler neck, It needs a exhaust manifold or two. This truck is 2 years newer but the rust is horrible. Just bought a sandblaster to try to clean it up. I get about 13mpg with this one.
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    Ive got a 5.4 with just over 161k on it, within the past 20k miles we did the COPs and had no problems, the only problem we do get and Im bad at...is we go offroad through rather 'large' puddles, water will splash into the bay and get into COP #2 and cause a misfire. This is the second time its happened, even after being caked in dielectric grease. But other that that, shes perfect for my needs, and....other than a rear pinion seal Im about to replace (never been done and its got a tiny leak) shes problem free. Good luck choosing
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    Potential problems with the 4.6/5.4 (popped plugs, rusted exhaust manifold) are more expensive than the 4.8/5.3. The GM brake lines will need converted to stainless or cunifer or at least re-routed asap. Also the GM frame will be rusted - if not rusty it's been painted or coated and that could be a good thing or a cover up. I'd also consider a dodge 5.7 if '02 or newer. They hold up pretty well and don't cost much to keep going. Watch for rust over the rear fenders but the frames had a decent paint job as opposed to GM's 1 coat of wax.
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    I know more then 3 that hasn't had problems. I do know some had problems but they have problems with anything they own

    I think its how they are treated That's the key on anything
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    What about the dodge 5.9l?
  7. kawakx125

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    the dodge 5.9 will get worse mileage unloaded than any of the others loaded lol
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    I have an 03 f150 with a 5.4. With almost 200k the truck still runs great. The manifold might be needing replacement soon. But that will cost less the one new truck payment. Not bad in my eyes. Don't forget about the tranny problems the chevys have.
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    I'd stay away from Fords. Chevy's 5.3 is a great engine, very reliable and great gas mileage. The 6.0 is a fantastic engine in regards to power, and while it loves gas, I do hear its a lot better than the dodge 5.9. I have had problems with my 6.0, getting this multiple misfire code from hell all the time, the truck runs fine though, i hear its pretty common and hard to get rid of, I've replaced a lot of things trying to get the damn light to go away, no such luck but it runs decent and plows and tows like a boss so i guess i can't complain.

    btw, I'm right down the northway from ya Jay. If yer plowin up there, I think you'll definitely want more power than the 5.3
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    Please enlighten me. I've never had a transmission problem with any of my GM's, and I've never heard of any widespread transmission issues with GM trucks. They start to have problems around 200,000-250,000 miles. About the same time as most Ford's.
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