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    I plan on laying mulch next year and have been looking into figuring out how to bid compeditivly and not like a srub> I'm very thankful for all the help with the formulas so far.

    But I'ld like to know how many 1 sq/ft bags equal 1 cu/yard. I figure 27, since a cu/yr is 3x3x3 and a sq/ft is 1x1x1.
    Am I right?
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    A Cubic foot is 1X1X1, a square foot is 1X1. You are right, you would need 27, 1 cubic foot bags to equal 1 cubic yard. Mike
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    A cubic yard covers 108 square feet at 3" thick and 162 square feet at 2" thick.
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    Here is an Excel calculator to figure from square feet of area to be covered at however many inches of depth and it gives you cubic yards.
    The formula I used is

    Square feet of area to be covered divided by 27. Take that number and multiply it by the number of inches of depth and divide that number by 12.

    (Sqft / 27) * (inches of depth/12)

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    Mulch is often sold in 3 cubic foot bags. So 9 of those bags equals a cubic yard. I've mostly seen pallets with 45 bags on them.
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