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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Maintenience, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Hi im 19 and want to go full time next year and get like 15 more lawns to cut and do mulch ect. What equipment do u reccommend i have a 22 inch self propelled and 2 weed wackers with 1 blower which work fine. i HAVE AN F150 and plan to get a trailer and am looking at a scag 36 belt drive with bagger do u think this a good choice and right size or should i get a 48 inch which the dealer said would only be an extra 100 bucks. How much do u think the trailer and mower should cost i was thinking around 4000 is that right thanx
  2. out4now

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    Your info is a bit sketchy. If the bigger mower is only an extra 100 it might be worth it but what are the sizes of the lawns you are cutting and are there abstacles, maybe a sulky might be a better way to spend the extra 100? Are you planning on doing hedges and bushes? Will you be working solo for long? What are your expansion plans? Are your accocunts on written contract? Will you be doing the accounting yourself? In the future some management software like Gopher may be of use to you. Be sure to invest in a spare tire and tire plug kit for both your truck and trailer as well as a small compressor. I see guys all the time sitting along the freeway with a blown tire while somone goes to get one. Ask lots of questions here. Most guys here are very helpful and can tell you where to get stuff and how much it should cost. Take a look at the sponsors as well, lots of good ones on here. Good luck. :waving:
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    You would be better off just going ahead and and getting the 48" for an extra $100. You should be able to mow just about any yard with that because that isn't that big. If you find a place where that is too big then a 21" would do the trick.
  4. cgotro

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    I guess it depends on the gates you have to go through. The 48 would be nice but if you can't get it to the grass to be cut because you have some 36" gates then which mower is more productive. I cut alot of grass with a 36" Scag with a velky, you can get it in 4th gear in bigger yards. Time is money Later on you can get a rider if you need one and you can still get in back yards with small gates. Hustler is making a 48" deck that folds up to go through a 36" gate. Might be something to look at if you have bigger yards.Well good luck anyway.

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