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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Clean N Green, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Im starting my company in the spring of 2010. I need some help with what equipment to buy. I have about 4 grand to spend.. I am looking at a 6x12 enclosed trailer.. Possible a 36 walk behind or a 36 ztr and a couple of 21 cut push mowers. Which would be the best bet for my money.. I also need advice on weed whippers and edgers and blowers... I will be a single man operation and have mostly residential accounts that are about 10,000 sq feet of turf but want to do some commercial to.. Thanks guys
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    I imagine that enclosed trailer will eat up alot of your money. This is what I bought in preparation for my first season.
    Scag 36" WB belt (4 hrs. on the meter)= $2400
    Redmax line trimmer
    Redmax edger
    Redmax 7100 blower (all redmax was new)= $1250
    5x8 trailer from lowes=$700 (this was a mistake)
    I bought a stihl hedge trimmer off ebay for $160 though you don't necessarily need that. I intend to buy a used linetrimmer for a backup. I also plan to buy a small trim mower soon.
    All of that said, you should be able to get a used WB mower for around $1200-$1500 on average from what I have seen in my searches.

    My hopes are to make enough progress and put away enough money to buy a 52" rider and buy a decent sized enclosed trailer. I plan to keep the 36" WB to get through gates and for small yards. Hopefully these plans pan out in the near future or change for the better. I'm sure some of these experienced guys here will give you good advice though.
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    A 6 x 12 enclosed trailer is awfully big and expensive for a 36" and a couple of 21's. I use a 5 x 8 open trailer with a rack to service 60 accounts. My suggestion yo you would be to start out with a less expensive trailer and then you can get a better mower and handhelds. With 4 grand cash you should be able to pick up decent equipment if you stay under $1000 for the trailer. A lot of times on craigslist people sell their entire rig (trailer, mower, handhelds and extras) that might be something to look at over winter rather than trying to piece it together. Good luck to you!

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