What exactly is Spring Clean up?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by JB1LNDSCPR, Feb 23, 2004.


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    I have never done a spring clean up and one of my customers wants a price for one. What exactly does a spring clean-up consist of? I know it is probably rakeing up any left over leafs but what else? I would appreciate you help.
  2. Green Care

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    A cleanup is whatever has to be done at that time.

    Just let them know,also give them the right price.
    You are doing more than raking.
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    ahhhh, use caution on this one. i got into many, many arguments with customers over this terminology "spring cleanup". where do i start...ok, one time, this lady asks for a spring cleanup. so, we blow the beds out, cleanup all branches, twigs, etc, run it over with the mower to give it a nice shine. she says," my friend, this one is not clean". ok, here we go. she said i should take the old pool filter, rusty ladder, and rusty old washing machine with me too. big argument, till i saw a nice pile of copper pipes behind the shed(recycled value, like $200) i said ok, you got it. started loading up the pipes, shes like, no, no, not that. hmmmm, not so dumb afterall. big argument, but i got paid. another time, the lady said i should pick up all the stones that her bratty kids kicked out of the stone beds. there were like a thousand pieces of stone scattered everywhere. make sure yoiu specify and both understand what "spring cleanup" means
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    u mean to tell me you have been in business for 2 years and have $75000 worth of vehicles and u dont know what a spring clean up is
  5. OP

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    You know you always got that hand full of F'n aszholes that gotta come back and say stupid ****. I have been in the plowing & landscaping business for 2 years with my father (who had it for many years before) and he died last November and i was left everything he had plus his life insurance. my father was a very succesful business man and everything he owned was insured if he died it was paid for so that is how i have this equipment and the mowers i bought with some money he left me because thats what he wanted me to do. Now i am just trying to take over his business and i am struggling i know more about Hardscapes then i do lawncare. So to all you people who have helped i am very appreciative and to the people who like to critisize go F Off.
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    Tell them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OUCH CAPESCAPER!!! OMG - my jaw dropped reading this. That will teach me to open my mouth before I know all the facts.

    A spring clean-up is merely tidying up the place. Can be as simple as cleaning out flower beds and blowing things off or can be more complex and include pruning, mowing and bark mulch installation. Think of it as getting rid of the debris left there over the winter months and kinda sprucing the place up. A good place to start is to simply ask the client what their idea of a spring clean-up is, they will usually let you know. It's that simple!
  8. OP

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    Thank You Dkeisala i realize that i should ask them what they want but i had one lady ask "well what do you usually do at other places and i don't want to sound none professional" you know what i mean. Thanks though everyone's different ways help me.
  9. PaulJ

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    "Spring and Fall Cleanup:
    *Spring cleanup includes: blowing or raking leaves from landscape beds, trimming back any plants that require it at that time, cleaning leaves and debris from window wells and any corners where they have collected over the winter, picking up any sticks or debris from the lawn, finished with standard mowing and bagging.
    *Fall cleanup includes: cleaning gutters and downspouts if requested and if accessible, blowing or raking leaves from landscape beds, trimming back any plants that require it at that time, cleaning leaves and debris from window wells and any corners where they have collected, finished with standard mowing and bagging.
    *Cleanups are priced at the standard hourly rate of $40/hr for the additional time involved above the time of an average mowing. This is usually 1.5-3 times the regular mowing price.
    *Dethatching can be added at the time of spring or fall cleanup at a reduced cost."

    This is part of what I have on the back of my mowing agreement.
    If they want more, I can do that to but they will pay more then.
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    Spring Cleanup for me is... We use a walk behind blower with one guy pushing it, and one guy raking the turf in front of the blower shoot, and cleaning out the beds of course. I have found that this leaves the property spotless, but is expensive!

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