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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by aircorelocke, Jul 3, 2012.

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    :rolleyes: :laugh: :dizzy: :cry:
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    If your asking specifically about your company's situation, I don't think conditions are as extreme in your locale as they are in many other areas and you should be fine to fertilize with appropriate products.

    If you are asking about "the big picture", it is a great question. In the past several years we have experienced wild swings in the weather and this is having an effect in how we care for lawns. These extremes in temperature and rainfall cause a great deal of stress in plants. Stressed plants are prone to more disease & insect problems. The conventional method calls for fertilizer & pesticide applications based on calendar dates. IMO, this model is no longer as effective as it once was thought to be. The Integrated Pest Management method involves (among other things) cultural methods to reduce stress, scouting for insect & disease problems, and using growing degree days for application timing. When done properly this model will provide good results and cost less than blanket pesticide applications. The Plant Health Care method is focused more on improving the plant's natural abilities to ward off insects & disease problems. The keystone to the success of the PHC model is soil health.

    I think the lawn care industry is in a state of transition and must adjust to these new weather patterns. Finding business models that will succeed with these changes is a great subject for discussion.
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    Here is the Bobby Gedd Special blend.


    And it is organic.

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    Slow Dog you must not of read too many of Bobby's posts. Bobby's application were from HIS Economical stand point not agronomics.

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    You've mentioned him a few times, but I have know idea who he is.
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    The cat litter or sand "fertilizations" or the blue water "weed treatments". I am hoping he was kidding about doing those things.
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    There's a reason why he is on the LS list of those who shall not be named.:usflag:
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    First, booby gedd was a trip and as above, there is a reason he is not as well known as he once was....

    second, I was not asking about my company specifically, too many different regions represented to drill it down to one specific locale much less a specific company.

    I am asking broad spectrum trying to make a simple question turn into what could be a very good thread.

    Some things I know, some I want to know more, some I want others opinions, other times I just want to see what is new and working out there....

    I agree about the shift in weather and see a shift in attitude by some of the professional applicators.

    By following a standard program for my area I feel we are 2-3 weeks behind according to the gdd but we are almost exactly where we were last year. Some of that has to do with excess rain that didnt allow us to apply, some with the growth we are experiencing this year....but it seems the 2 biggest factors are the earlier start to the past 2 seasons and our inability to take advantage of it due to fertilizer restrictions from Dec 1 - Apr 1 (mind you we were one of the few to adhere to it and saw no repercussions to those that did not)

    So this got me thinking when I saw this thread. What is the best approach to keeping quality, doing right by the customer and enviroment and not losing revenue......and is there a way to not go outside the fertilizer restrictions and still address the trend of an earlier start to spring..

    We are transitioning in earnest this year to a more organic approach and trying out products to help build soil etc...Preferring to go all liquid as it seems to have many more advantages to a granular program, adding equipment to accomplish this as I type...

    Sooooo, what is the answer to earlier spring, dryer summer, winter applications? is there one?

    an organic non fertilizer to start the season? continue with it throughout? we are trying this now, but adding small amounts of fertilizer until we are comfortable with customer perception (you know green and weed free)

    A high potassium fertilizer late spring to give more drought tolerance? I tried in the past but could never qualify the results enough to justify the cost of a high K, slow release summer fert

    no "winter" fert? do you last applications before then? in our area I have realized much improved results by getting our last "round" down by the end of October as opposed to the end of november

    I know others have more experience in this and I am always learning...but I am trying to get a good discussion going on where we are going with all the new regulations and weather adjustments we are dealing with....

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