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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by aircorelocke, Jul 3, 2012.

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    One should never setup an annual contract with a non-irrigated lawn, whether it is mowing or squirt&fert... we have always had to diversify over the years, even if the time was used to do detail work in landscape beds, when it reaches its midsummer wild look... nowdays when we hit weather like this I stop... :)
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    Gone but not forgotten. I met with him at Disney World many years ago. We had lunch and Silver Bullets one afternoon. You got to like Bobby, But unfortunately His attitude is his worst enemy.

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    How about Malorganite
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    Its mostly organic. Gives good green up. High app rate means it not especially cost effective.
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    Sewage sludge, no telling what is in it.

    Milwaukee's finest
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    Why not? Just do not guarantee the lawn will look good if it is dry.

    I understand Green Dr has this position but he works on high end properties in Hawaii, He does not mow.
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    It is pretty expensive when you put it down like I do but it will not burn and really helps in the brutal heat. Last year when it was 100 everyday it looked great just like CCC in Fort Worth. Looks even better this year.

    I don't use it because it is organic if you want to call it that I use it because of the results. Proof is in the turf... Stays very green and does not grow as much with the coated products.

    FWIW it will take a double the time of conventional fertilizer to make a real difference. For people who abuse turf by not managing the turf properly through improper irrigating, feeding or mowing.

    Plus it smell like Beer and Brats when you put it down!:drinkup:

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    Apparently the rest if the USA is outside of the Atlanta bubble. There isn't one lawn company not putting down granular fert right now in ATL. Yeah it's 100 degress but it's bermuda and it's fine. 90% of companies buy their fert from jdl and it's a nicely coated slow release fert. I have been backpack spraying with celc and sticker and fertilizing every day this week and just leaving a note to water and everything is fine. The benefit is that the weeds die quickly with this heat. I also add some chelated iron to my backpack but either way it's so hot, if the grass gets burned the homeowner thinks they didn't water enough and if they think that, they water enough... Bermuda grows like crazy with some fert and hot weather so any damage is mitigated quickly. People are paying for a service so get out there and treat some lawns and quit with the excuses.
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    Don't frequent much any more, but the sheer mention of BG puts a crazy smile on my face. Don't mean to hijack but remember him working on the greatest thing on earth for the lawn industry over the winter and it end up being him working out over the winter!!!!:laugh: He was quite the trip but could learn a thing or two of what not to do from him, always had a laugh reading his post.
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    I Love Frank Fescue's Cynical posts. But with Frank you know he is pulling your leg with some humor. Bobby or BooBy as I called him wasn't pulling any ones leg except his own. He believes every bit of his misinformation. Maybe the best part of BooBy is he GONE and not totally forgotten.


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