What fits in a 6 1/2 foot bed on a pickup

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. joed

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    I am looking at getting a new pickup truck. I can't decide between a regular cab, long box or extended cab, short box. The extended cab long box is way too long and difficult to find as a used model. I currently have a 21" mower, a 32" mower, a blower, a string trimmer and a few hand tools. Would this stuff fit in a 6.5 foot lawn or am I better off sticking with the regular cab long box? The extended cab is really nice to have though. Thanks
  2. FrankenScagMachines

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    Nothing :rolleyes:

    TROTTMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well, you CAN get a extended cab long bed if you want. Its about 21 feet long though hehe, and with a horrible turning radius.

    Right now I can fit a 21" mower, my 33" walk behind, a blower, trimmer, 2 gas cans, and a box with my trimmer line and random tools. That is in a DAKOTA mind you, but it does have a 6.5 ft box. It is not as wide as a full size though, since the Dakota is a midsize. Its amazing what all I can fit in a non-full size truck!

    I think you'll be fine either way, but if you don't wanna trailer, you might want to get the 8 foot bed.
  4. Mr_Marc

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    I'll go out on a limb here and say debris.

    No just kidding! You just have to organize it. I see plenty of guys working out of the back of P-Up trucks.
  5. crazygator

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    This is wrong. I just purchased a used 200 Dodge 2500 quad cab 8' bed, and the turning radius is better than my 92 GMC 3500 standard cab 8' bed. Go figure!

    Just go get a trailer and your worry's will be over.
  6. Very great post from a newbie driver. What was the point of this needless post?

    Acually I bet it would all fit.
  7. Nozzleman

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    joed, I had two Quad Cab short bed trucks in the past. when I bought the second truck it took me 2 months to realize I screwed up and I even have a trailer to haul my equipment. My problem was during the spring when I do mulch and during the fall leaf season when the 6.5 bed just seemed to small.

    So after having a new Q/C truck for 5 months I traded it in on my current regular cab 8' bed truck which I put a dump insert in and even though I took a financial loss by trading in so soon me and my back are much happier.

    Don't get me wrong the Q/C is a nice feature but I rarely used it when I had it and since I plow snow I did not want a long truck so I went with the regular cab.

    Just remember in this business if a 6.5' bed is good than a 8' is better and a 1 ton dump is the BOMB.
  8. HarryD

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    I myself think a short box truck is a joke if your going to use it for hauling stuff. Get the long box. I have a crew cab long box it may be a bus but I love it

  9. crazygator

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    Nice rig Harry! ;)
  10. mtdman

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    My first year we operated out of the trunk and back seat of my 1983 Buick Lesabre (12 customers). The second year I bought a Ranger and we stuffed 2 21 inch mowers, 2 weedwackers, gas cans, 1 backpack, broom, and a lunchbox in that thing. It was all tight, but it all fit. You'd be surprised at what you can get in the bed of a truck.


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