What forms are 'needed' ?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Carriage House, Feb 4, 2005.

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    I hope I worded my title correctly. What I mean by 'needed', is this; What is the process in terms of forms and paper work to locate, bid, and secure a customer whether it be residential or commercial?

    This will be my first year in business and I am looking to come up with a simple, yet professional system that accommodates the customer yet protects me or the business. I've taken an estimate form off of this website and fit it to my needs and am in the process of drafting a service agreement and I will of course invoice through my accounting software. But what else is needed? What is the typical process to gain and secure customers? Do you write an estimate and sign that or draft a service agreement?

    From my limited experience I'm guessing the process will go something like this:

    (1) Some form of media attracts the customer, whether it be business cards, flier, door hanger, advertisement etc...

    (2) A meeting is arranged to view the property and discuss the almighty dollar... I'm guessing there are some that estimate on the fly and leave that with the customer, while others my prepare something more formal and mail it or meet again with the customer...

    (3) No it gets fuzzy... do you have the customer sign the estimate / work order, or do you draft a service agreement ( I'm assuming this is a definite for an entire season rather than the one time job).

    (4) Should you leave a note when the work is completed.

    (5) Thank you letter / invoice etc....

    (6) hopefully get paid and leave any nasty letters on the hard drive rather than the mailbox...

    Is that about it?? Again I want it to be clean, simple, and above all else professional.

    Thanks in advance for any insight or help anyone can offer.

    This web site has been a tremendous help, I'm just getting down to the nitty gritty before the season is upon us.

    Thanks again,
    Carriage House Landscaping Services, LLC
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