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What forms do you have and use most often?


LawnSite Member
Omaha, NE
I'm currently making myself frustrated :mad: because I'm trying to put together a whole new system of organizing and running my company. I've been using excel and Access, but haven't developed anything i really like so far. What forms do you guys use regularly for landscaping design/build projects. I can use lawn care ones too but I mainly focus on design/build.

I want a way to track my efficencies and estimating vs. actuals, and any other info that helps run the company down the road. Thanks in advance for tips and advice!

Let it Grow

LawnSite Senior Member
Walla Walla, WA
I use Quickbooks. I highly recommend it, or some kind of computer software. It will make it so much easier for you.

I just got my system figured out this last week.
I use an estimate for that I designed in Excel. Everytime I do an estimate I use this form. (The form has everything from landscping services to Lawn Maintenance.) After the estimate is done I either put the job on my schedule (if the customer has OK'd it) or I put it in my "will call back" folder.
When the job is complete I mark it as "ready to be invoiced" and then I invoice it and send the bill. I then put it in a folder in case I need to go back and look at it for any reason.

I like this system so far. It has really streamlined my paperwork.


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quickbooks Pro would help you track actual vs. estimated and enable you to print out reports. They also have froms that you can tailor to better fit your business.