What Gas cans do you carry?


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Memphis TN
Just curious to see who uses what.
We carry 3 Midwest cans with the spill proof spouts. 2 of them are 1 gallon and the other is a 5 gallon this one is a lot more easier to slowly pour gas in the smaller gas cans for mixing the fuel. Don't have to worry about spilling it to much.
Have 2 other hand me down walmart 5gal cans. My most favorite of them all is the surecan no spill. IMO it's the best cas can for the smaller 2 stroke engines.


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No spill here too, just switched over to them this year and am liking them so far. Better yet, Walmart carries what appears to be an identical can, the EasyCan and they are slightly cheaper than the NoSpill.

Mowing monkey.

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I carry a 2.5 gallon no spill for mixed gas. I don’t carry mower fuel but I use VP race jugs for when I need a 5 gallon can( they actually hold 6 gallons )


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For 2 cycle we.use the hypro 15 gallon tank.
The mowers i use Blits can with an EZ pour nozzle.