What gas trucks can pull a 20 foot enclosed trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cimkill, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. shovelracer

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    I guess technically as long as your within all your ratings than you are OK assuming everything functions properly. I towed a 20' loaded @ about 9K daily for years with a 5.4L. Most rigs have enough power to move you around. No you do not need a 600hp diesel to tow mowers. Actually you really do not need that for anything. Those are a luxury. A nice 250HP with proper gears will get you anywhere you need to go.

    The thing is even though pickups are rated to tow these weights they are not designed to do it all day, every day. Doing it is possible, but you will rip up tires, brakes, suspension, ball joints, trannies, and overall the truck will require additional maintenance. My big thing is safety though. I spent too many hours back in the day keeping my rig legal, but every day I see guys with mismatched tires, no working lights, presumably no brakes, and fenders smashed to #%$&, all while driving through town like a sport compact car. We've since upgraded to proper tow rigs, but it concerns me that my family is driving around on the same roads as the guys with 1500lb mowers bouncing around and blowers dangling off the side of the trailer, or in this case a loaded 10K enclosed with no brakes.
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    Shovel racer thank's for the input. Just wanted to clarify I do not have the trailer yet; nor the third ztr. I will be going up to the U.S.A early this summer or late spring to purchase everything and maybe drive it down through Mexico to Belize. Im not sure yet might ship it all, any how I am definately not going to buy a 20 foot enclosed with no breaks! That would be insane! Thank's for the info. The 411 rear end is the gear ratio right???
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    yes, but it's actually listed as a 4.11 .

    You just need to get the right ring and pinion gear for the specific rear end you have. You should look up the Vin number and see what you have first.

    Depending on the truck, it could have a 3.42 or a 3.73. Depending on the axle you might be able to go to a 4.10. But keep in mind, changing your rear axle gear will give you more torque and pulling power, but your going to loose on mpg's. But, with propane the cost difference might be negligable.

    Also, if you have 4 wheel drive, then you'll also need to change the gearing in the front differential to match the rear.

  4. cimkill

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    Wow! ok thanks white gardens you know your stuff:laugh: I have my truck going into the shop for servicing next wed. I will get the mechanic to figure that all out for me with your input I can now more clearly state what I need so thank you. I think because I use propane I loose a few horses aswell. The truck is really strong though. Thank's again.
  5. 360ci

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    Well, this Intrepid can apparently haul a 31' airstream. No joke. I did a print screen when I saw it a few years ago on the AutoTrader website! It's not the best quality but you can make out the WD hitch. I don't even think this car has a GCWR!

  6. LandFakers

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    I would say most V8 and V10 will do it. But others have stated its not really power, its weight and brakes
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    I haven't read the whole thread, so hopefully I'm not repeating something. My 150 has a 6 cylinder (eccoboost) and it pulls fine. 20' trailer with one zero turn, two walkbehinds and all the hand tools you can think of. It will spin tires from a stop light easily, I always can keep up with traffic and average around 10mpg in town. About 12 mpg on the interstate. No trailer nets 16mpg in town and 23 mpg on the interstate.

  8. cimkill

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    Thank you Proffesional your truck and trailer look great
  9. cpllawncare

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    I believe you! but are you pulling everyday all day? I wouldn't pull a loaded down 20ft with my 150 and it has a 5.4 in it, at least not on a daily basis, I would upgrade to a 250 first. I know the eco boost is supposed to be as strong as a a small V-8 but it is yet to see if they last, they are still new to the market.
  10. Lawn Care Etc.

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    My GMC 2500 HD 8.1 ltr would pull the wheels off it.

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