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Richard Martin

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Tim1075 wrote:<p>{What kind of mowers are you guys using that u can cut in 4th and 5th gear and still get a quality cut?}<p>I have a stock Exmark Metro 36&quot; with high lift blades and a heavily modified Gravely Pro 150 50&quot; with high lift blades. Mods include:<br>1: Replacement of the belt tensioner spring with one that has about 6 times more tension.<br>2: Removed about 3&quot; of the discharge chute.<br>3: Remove the stock deck baffles and replaced them with baffles that are considerably closer to the blades and continue around the front of the blades.<br>4: Replaced the stock deck frame and front casters with extra heavy duty units.<br>5: Raised the RPMs from the Gravely factory speed of 3000 to Kawasaki's recommended speed of 3600. <br>


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I use second gear i am not in that big of a hurry on the yards i cut since i work by myself 3rd gear can bounce the deck leaving high spots on exmark walk units only on some yards though if i had 40 plus yards i could see the need to go real fast though.To save time