What good are walkbehinds?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doug406, Jun 24, 2000.

  1. Toroguy

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    I think the riders give a more professional appearance, low ballers generally wont spend $5,000-9,000 on a piece of equipment. <p>A rider wouldnt work on half my current properties, but eventually I will grow into the need for one, thus lifting me up another notch in the lawn care food chain.<p>
  2. dylan

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    Those new Hustler hydro WB's go 8mph. That will keep up with most riders if you have a sulky.
  3. Bobby

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    Hey Adam, what size lawns are you doing? I've been considering the same move.Been running a WalkerMT42.I thought a walk-behind would be better on my back.The main thing I don't like about a walk-behind is backing up so slow.My lots are about 70by100<p>----------<br>Yesteryear L/S<br>Hollywood Fla
  4. You can't make money if your are in reverse.<p>You should never get yourself in a position where you need to use reverse unless you need to get the machine off the trailer when<br>facing downhill.
  5. Grasscape Inc

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    hey bdemer.<br>Try selling your scag on Ebay
  6. little green guy

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    to me the ideal setup is two riders and one walkbehind on the trailer because you need a walk behind for hills and gated yards and stuff. I see a couple of guys around me that have three lazers on the trailer, i guess if you can do that why not? There are also guys that i see with three 52&quot; walkbehinds on there trucks, that just dosn't make sence to me with the size of the yards around here.
  7. boozoo

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    I'll add another advantage that's been hinted at: You get better exercise with a WB! Do you guys with the ZTR's remember your push mower days? I do, and I was never in better shape. Then came 6 years of Grasshoppers, and I made much better money, and am in much worse shape. I bought a Hustler 48&quot; WB last week and I love it! The advantages I see (and imagine - I haven't had it long) are: better on wet slopes, better on wet and fragile yards, better on small yards, good to have as a back-up and: I get to WALK!
  8. bdemir

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    Grasscape,<p>That is a great idea! Is that a good place to sell mowers?
  9. paddy

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    how do you like the hustler steering mechanism. I think i'm gonna drive to the hustler dealer soon, there shortcut with backvac looks pretty impressive
  10. boozoo

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    Paddy, compared to the other walk-behind I tried (a Toro with &quot;t-bar&quot; steering) I found the hustler MUCH easier to learn - took me all of about 60 seconds. It's a joy to learn, whereas a friend of mine running a Toro says it takes about a month to get comfortable on the &quot;T-bar&quot;. For Riders: I don't know. I like the look fo the Hustler Shortcut also, and I've seen it make a very nice cut on certain lawns around town. It may be my next purchase, depending on the service I get on this one.

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