What good are walkbehinds?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doug406, Jun 24, 2000.

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    I guess it depends on WHICH walk-behind and WHICH ZTR.<p>I have on my crews an Exmark/Toro Lazer/Z-Master and an Exmark 60&quot; Hydro WB on each.<p>I have 18&quot; tires on the WB's which makes them quite fast- I think they're 6-7mph with 16&quot; tires, so ground speed is close: 8mph for the WB and 9.5 for the riders.<p>Advantages of the WB: <br>Easily pick the deck up around countoured <br>areas.<br>Faster turns with less skid-marks than a rider. One full-speed whip and your back the other-way.<br>Better handling on hills. You step off the Jungle Wheels and walk alongside the mower on inclines a rider (with you on it) can't match.<p>Because I buy Toro 62&quot; Z-Masters for $1000 less than an Exmark WB w/ velke, I was planning on using all ZTRs in the future. After seeing their limitations, every crew will have at least 1 walk-behind.<br>

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