What "Good deeds" have you done?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by TuffTurfLawnCare, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. birddseedd

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    the constitution does not state that.
  2. Tn2317

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    the constitution does not state that. Birddseedd, if the time ever comes where you or your love ones are being attacked; just tell the meth head with the machete to wait a moment while your read the constitution so you can properly determine your response. It starts with "We the people..." and there is a pocket version available; (I have one). You can PM me all day on this one. Now, since it seems we've hijacked this thread, lets keep future posts on the side.
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    angerly clicks pm button. actually don't know where its at on mobile lawn site. so. for the moment ill just sit here in fear as I have come to the realization that Indiana does not allow open carry. or hidden carry. basicilallly. here you have to buy your rights apparently.

    I stick to my first statement. I changed a tire for an old lady. its annoying when they force you to take money tho.
  4. Tn2317

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    Sorry Bird, guess it's different here in Tennessee; you can duct tape a Glock to you forehead if you want, and everyone carries. Anyway the reason clicked on this thread is because I did something today that I've never done before. I was shopping on Craigslist and saw an area that said "Volunteers" on the main page. I clicked on it and found an elderly lady asking anyone for help with her lawn. So, I went to the other side of town, you know, on the "wrong side of the tracks" and took care of it. I don't know her name, and she doesn't know mine. I think helping people who really need help is important.
  5. birddseedd

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    I signed up for that thing looking for plow drivers for the family of over seas troops. noone called me

    by the way. cant pm you. does not seem to have the option under messaging you. can you pm me?
  6. rootytalbot

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    A reverse approach-
    I live in a heavily populated area. If your truck breaks down you better get a wrecker there fast.
    I was 5 days backpacking in the mountains two years ago and on the way home I had a blow out. I rumbled into a gravel parking lot and started to work with the spare - that's when I found out the spare had no air (rookie mistake).
    I did not sit there too long and a car stopped. Guy was gonna help. He just knew there was a bike pump in his trunk...nope.
    A church van stopped and gave me sandwiches - for me and the dog.
    Ten more car must have stopped - I felt like a twilight zone movie was happening. Where I come from its all horns and middle fingers when someone has a problem. But not out here in the sticks. Finally a guy stopped. A landscaper. He asks whats wrong, gets a big tire iron, takes the little flat spare off, loads spare, me and the dog in the back of his truck and drives us down the road to another guys house who had a pump. While we were there a 13, 14 year old boy comes up and hugs the landscaper and they say to each other, " I love you". Looked like a father son that had not seen one another in a while. Turns out the boys dad is doing time and the landscaper was mentoring the boy. WOW!
    When we got back to my car and put the spare on he asked me if I believed in Jesus...told me the name of his church and asked if I would visit it some Sunday...
    That day has stuck with me. What are the chances...
  7. mcambrose

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    I purchased a used JD rider and gave it to a widow at church who enjoys mowing, but who's shoulders won't allow her to push a mower any more. Her yard is full of dallis grass and crab grass, so it needs frequent mowing. She takes care of her mentally challenged sister rather than putting her in a nursing home. When she mowed the first time, she looked like a drunken sailor. She went all over the yard in no logical sequence. Several times she tried to turn around to go back the other direction and wouldn't back up enough, so she just drove back down the same line she had just cut. I had to stand in the yard and flag her around the yard like a traffic cop to get all the grass mower. Sometimes I had to reach over and turn the mower wheel for her to get her on the right line. She didn't even know how to see where the deck was cutting. When she finally finished mowing the first time, she was so proud. She looked at me and said, "i feel like a man!" In other words her image of a man was someone who worked hard at physical tasks and accomplished things. She was proud to feel that sense of accomplishment. I just smiled. I have to go by and weedeat regularly, but she is so appreciative that it is well worth it.

    I started doing one of my customer's yard free this year because her son-in-law has cancer and she has had to spend a couple of thousand dollars on hotels for her daughter to stay in while her husband was in a hospital in Birmingham.

    Lots of free lawn work for people at church who are widowed or have had a death in the family.
  8. 1993lx172

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    I have a client who I've known for a long time. I went to school and marched with one of their daughters in band, gotten to know them very well, always come out to chat for a bit that sort of thing. Well in May the husband passed away from very aggressive cancer, really nice guy, the kind of person you just feel better after talking with. The wife is an avid gardener and she just hasn't had the time to keep up with it as much as she used to so when I have a free minute I'll go over and pull a few weeds or I'll water the plants things like that. She's handling the loss okay, she's broken down a few times while i've been talking to her (once when her and the daughters had just come back from a Hawaii trip that they had planned when he had a stretch of good health) and that's been hard but she has said that it's helped that she knows that she can call whenever she needs help with something and I'll be there.

    I have another client who's daughter was looking at the college I go to so I showed them around campus and gave them a more in depth tour (took them into some of the class buildings, labs, the libraries, ect.) than the standard college visit tour.

    I've helped change tires and given jump starts the usual. And I'm active in Habitat for Humanity, taking part in build projects all across the country.
  9. SteveOGrady

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    Pay my taxes. According to Obama that makes me patriotic.
  10. Mowin4Dollas

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    I believe 2 mile service is what we all should do. When I am well established I really hope I am able to mow the yards that got me started for free. Well one in particular. I think its just something we all should do, and not talk about. Just my two cents.

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