What green plants?

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    What green plants? All green plants including turf or certain types?
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    Some plants used for phytoremediation are:

    · Alfalfa (symbiotic with hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria)
    · Arabidopsis (carries a bacterial gene that transforms mercury into a gaseous state)
    · Bamboo family (accumulates silica in it's stalk and nitrogen as crude protein in it's leaves)
    · Bladder campion (accumulates zinc and copper)
    · Brassica juncea (Indian mustard greens) (accumulates selenium, sulfur, lead, chromium, cadmi um, nickel, zinc, and copper)
    · Buxaceae (boxwood) and Euphorbiaceae (a succulent) (accumulates nickel)
    · Compositae family (symbiotic with Arthrobacter bacteria, accumulates cesium and strontium)
    · Ordinary tomato and alpine pennycress (accumulates lead, zinc and cadmium)
    · Poplar (used in the absorption of the pesticide, atrazine)


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