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I don;'t understand why you don;t want to pry that connector apart:dizzy: You are planning to cut it out anyway. Pry it apart ...put in fuse
Yes I agree with you there is no reason to cut the wires and then crimp the wires together verses just prying the connector apart, cutting the faulty molex pins off and then crimp the wires together using a connector like this IDEAL Disconnects Wire Connectors https://www.lowes.com/pd/IDEAL-12-Count-Disconnects-Wire-Connectors/3363056

I just don't want to deal with installing a new Molex connector since I don't own the crimp tool for the pins like this tool https://www.mouser.com/new/molex/molex-mini-lock-crimp-tools/

But I do have have this tool to crimp connectors using the front of the jaws to crimp connectors https://www.grainger.com/product/2DGG9

I was not going to solder but instead crimp since the vibrations of the wire will be more prone to break the solder joint.

I don't plan on installing a fuse since the wires going to the PTO clutch have a fuse installed for these lines in the fuse panel/box.

Thank you ed2hess for waking me up.

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